Everything You Need to Know About Android M


Google and Android have been lately in the news. The latest Android M will be showcased in the upcoming I/O keynote this month. The Android M is in the news for all the good reasons -- with hints that Google is going to focus more on the "Android for Work". The Android M is mainly targeted at Workplace and many are speculating, how it will revolutionize the future for the … [Read more...]

4 Best iPhone spy software


Now-a-days, every device is connected and can be spied on. With so much information flowing, it is tough to have complete privacy. Today, we will discuss the best iPhone spy software(app) for spying on someone. Spying on someone without them knowing is not a great idea, but there are times when spying can be justified. Spying on kids, for example to understand their online … [Read more...]

What’s new in Windows 10?


So finally, Windows 10 news are coming out. With the advent of new technology everyday, Microsoft new operating system, dubbed Windows 10 has come a long way from 1.01 released almost 20 years ago in Nov’ 1985. Let’s see what the new windows have to offers. Windows 10 preview has brought a lot of changes on the scene but there are chances that we are going to see only a … [Read more...]

Microsoft – Office 365 Free For Students


In a move that's bound to make Students, teachers and schools all over the world leap with delight, and in the procedure earn Microsoft some goodwill, the technology giant has declared on Monday that its ultra-popular Microsoft Office programs will be accessible free of charge to Students aged 13 years or older. The brand new self-serve sign up is available for US Students and … [Read more...]