Zeblaze Rover SmartWatch Review


The current generation of smartwatches are lacking a lot in terms of design, features and other functionalities that can make you consider buy a smartwatch. But, may be your wait is over as today, I am going to review the Zeblaze Rover Smartwatch. The smartwatch looks both high-tech and aesthetic in nature. And, if you think that Apple Smartwatch is way beyond the … [Read more...]

Guide to activate WhatsApp calling on iPhone

activate WhatsApp calling on the iPhone

WhatsApp calling has been a hot topic for the last few months. Recently, facebook have rolled out their update for the iOS operating system. With the update, users can now use the WatsApp call on their iPhone. The update would have been rolling out on the devices automatically and it generally takes a good span of 2-3 weeks to reach your phone. No one wants to wait a long … [Read more...]

4 Best iPhone spy software


Now-a-days, every device is connected and can be spied on. With so much information flowing, it is tough to have complete privacy. Today, we will discuss the best iPhone spy software(app) for spying on someone. Spying on someone without them knowing is not a great idea, but there are times when spying can be justified. Spying on kids, for example to understand their online … [Read more...]

Best 5 Free Music Apps For iPhone


iPhone is a popular smartphone for the masses. With Android throwing bouncers at iPhone on the daily basis, iPhone is not budging at all. The reason behind the success of the iPhone is its brand value and the feature set that iOS offers for its users. iPhone is a costly affair, but still offers tons of options to customize your mobile experience with free apps available on its … [Read more...]

Apple Watch Review, A Good Step Forward

Apple smartwatch

I am not a big fan of watches that are driven by technology, but the changes are coming faster than I thought. The latest entry in smartwatch race is Apple Watch that looks promising. With its release, there are chances that it can conquer the open market of smart watches. The watch is not really comparable to other smartwatches, but we will try to give a great perspective on … [Read more...]

How to find your lost iPhone

find lost iPhone

This article is the 2nd post in the series How to recover your lost phone. The first post of the series, "How to find your lost Android phone" can be found here. iPhone is a successful phone in the current market and market penetration of iPhone is quite impressive. They have penetrated in many individual lives, but many of us who lose their phone either by theft or due to … [Read more...]

How to Turn your phone into a webcam

phone into a webcam

Ever wondered that the smart phone can be used as a webcam? Neither we did until we found the need for doing so. There is a popular saying that necessity is the mother of invention and this is quite true in this case. Current generation smartphones are different from old phones. They can adapt furiously to user needs with the help of apps. So, do you really need a webcam? … [Read more...]

Control kids playtime on iPhone or iPad


The following tutorial will help you control kids from playing games on your iPhone or iPad. You don't have to purchase any third-party apps and this is the default feature on your Apple device which have iOS 8. So, if you are not using most recent version of iOS then make sure you update your device. For updating the device just navigate to Settings --> General --> … [Read more...]

5 Best Mobile Phones 2014


There are many smartphones in the market and each holds their own place in some way or another. And that’s today we are going to list top 5 best mobile phones out there. The countdown will be from bottom to top so that you are feasted with lots of option to choose from. The current market is not about just two phones, which one should you take phone X or phone Y. It’s more … [Read more...]

Quick Comparison: iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus


The new iPhone’s biggest competition is the other new iPhone. So, the next big thing is finally here, and it is literally big. The new iPhone 6 comes in two variants, the 4.7 inch and the less ergonomic 5.5 inch. Did Apple want to take the competition to the Samsung Galaxy Note line-up? Previously, Apple brought out multiple variants of the same phone, even though there were … [Read more...]