Guide to activate WhatsApp calling on iPhone

activate WhatsApp calling on the iPhone

WhatsApp calling has been a hot topic for the last few months. Recently, facebook have rolled out their update for the iOS operating system. With the update, users can now use the WatsApp call on their iPhone. The update would have been rolling out on the devices automatically and it generally takes a good span of 2-3 weeks to reach your phone. No one wants to wait a long … [Read more...]

Synch Your Mobile Phone with Your Lifestyle

Choosing the best mobile phone for your circumstances depends upon your particular needs and preferences. So while manufacturers are eager to sell you models equipped with all the bells and whistles, you may end up paying for services and features you don't need. Rather than being overly influenced by marketing and promotions, a better approach is to define what it is you are … [Read more...]

5 Best Browser for Android

best browser for android

Current generation smartphones are capable of doing anything and it can also be utilized as a great browsing device on the move. We, all love to connect to the internet and engage in capturing useful information or sharing our daily life activities. There are tons of activity that we can do on the internet. But, the basic requirement of browsing the internet other than the … [Read more...]

Top 5 Android Apps – You probably didn’t know


Android has always been about the apps. A highly open system was always great for customization and development of apps. [quote_center]This list will go over the 5 Android apps that you should have, but you probably do not.[/quote_center] In that sense, it does not make those apps the top rated apps, so as to say. Your list of top apps might include your favourite … [Read more...]

4G and its Future


Fourth Generation (4G) stands for the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology. The technology is the middle man between 3G and 5G. The latest technology works similar to 3G with additional mobile broadband Internet access, for example to smartphones, to laptops with wireless modems and other devices.  4G potential applications include IP technology, amended … [Read more...]

Google Service Workers to enrich offline browsing


Google is always the front-runner, when it comes to enriching user experience and bringing new technology, that eventually changes the way we look at Web. Google has gone a few steps further in refining user experience for the web. Users may not find 404 pages anymore. There are situations when users want to go through their favorite website only to be disappointed by … [Read more...]