Everything You Need to Know About Android M


Google and Android have been lately in the news. The latest Android M will be showcased in the upcoming I/O keynote this month. The Android M is in the news for all the good reasons -- with hints that Google is going to focus more on the "Android for Work". The Android M is mainly targeted at Workplace and many are speculating, how it will revolutionize the future for the … [Read more...]

The Nexus 6: Largest screen smartphone with the latest Android


We all thought that the Nexus series is done for Google. They are not going to make any more models. But the Nexus 6 proved everything wrong, the Nexus 6 has largest 6inches display that is probably the biggest for any phablet until now. The new Nexus 6 is curved on its back and feels good holding in one hand but certainly it’s not a phone that you are supposed to use in one … [Read more...]

Google Map: Download and use it offline on Android, iOS


Google map is one of the most used apps in android or iOS at this time. Whether you are using a smart phone or a tablet Google Map makes navigating much faster and easier. Right now, Google map is providing maps in about 220 countries with voice guided GPS navigation and detailed information of over 100 million places around the world! Imagine you are on a business trip and … [Read more...]

Moto X Review: Re-birth of the fallen warrior


Moto X made quite a buzz when it came out last year, but it disappointed most of us because of its specification not matching the flagship phones that are out a year back. Motorola this time has decided to redeem the crown in a very unique fashion. They choose to release the phone with the same name Moto X but this time around with better and bigger weapons to show off. … [Read more...]

How to Download & Install Fonts – Part 1


Fonts are used on all digital devices to design text. Every font provides a distinct layout and typography to a body of text. They can be used on embedded devices, cellular devices, computers and print materials. Here are the steps to download & install fonts. There are a large number of fonts available on the Internet, few paid and many free. These can be found in … [Read more...]

How to Download & Install Fonts – Part 2


Fonts provides a distinct layout and typography to a body of text and are typefaces that we see on the monitor screen. Arial and Times New Roman, Tahoma are examples of fonts, and they outline the form of the characters that show up on the screen. A font can be used in different sizes. Here is the second part of how to download & install fonts. For part 1 click … [Read more...]

Enabling 2-step verification on your online accounts


Do not let the iCloud thing happen to you. If you do not know it already, then here’s the news: the iCloud accounts of Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Kate Upton, Selena Gomez was hacked and tons of intimate photos were leaked online. You will probably say that this is something that happens with celebrities, but the fact is, the vulnerability was on Apple’s part. So, you … [Read more...]

Google Service Workers to enrich offline browsing


Google is always the front-runner, when it comes to enriching user experience and bringing new technology, that eventually changes the way we look at Web. Google has gone a few steps further in refining user experience for the web. Users may not find 404 pages anymore. There are situations when users want to go through their favorite website only to be disappointed by … [Read more...]

Android L – The latest security attributes


Android has offered encryption for at least three years, and keys aren't saved off the apparatus, so they can not be shared with law enforcement, Google said. In the following Android release, encryption will likely be enabled by default. It is a fact that Android apparatus have offered encryption for a while, however exclusively as an alternative, meaning that users had to … [Read more...]

Google Android One phones introduced with Spice, Karbonn and Micromax


Google released its first Android One smartphone series a low cost in the Indian market in partnership with hardware vendors Spice, Micromax and Karbonn. The three phones available on Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon online and with physical mobile phone shops soon. Google Android One phones will be available online from 15 September. Under Android software from Google to create … [Read more...]