Smart PC Stick from Intel and iBall To Revolutionize Daily Life

PC Stick

With technology evolving on each passing day, it is not surprising on how new products or gadgets are released. The new in the list of the gadgets or power PC's is the Intel Compute Stick and i-Ball Splendo PC Stick. Both of them are small enough to be carried in your pants. Comparatively, they are smaller than your smartphone. The need for portable systems was on the … [Read more...]

5 Best Mobile Phones 2014


There are many smartphones in the market and each holds their own place in some way or another. And that’s today we are going to list top 5 best mobile phones out there. The countdown will be from bottom to top so that you are feasted with lots of option to choose from. The current market is not about just two phones, which one should you take phone X or phone Y. It’s more … [Read more...]

Quick Comparison: iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus


The new iPhone’s biggest competition is the other new iPhone. So, the next big thing is finally here, and it is literally big. The new iPhone 6 comes in two variants, the 4.7 inch and the less ergonomic 5.5 inch. Did Apple want to take the competition to the Samsung Galaxy Note line-up? Previously, Apple brought out multiple variants of the same phone, even though there were … [Read more...]

Sony Xperia Z3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5


What if I told you that Sony Xperia Z3 wins hands down or Samsung Galaxy S5? Would you believe me? I guess no. And that’s why today we will go through a small detour and check who beats who and come up with the verdict. Let's go through Sony Xperia Z3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 comparison. Also Read: Sony Xperia Z3 Review Price Sony Xperia Z3 is the brand new smartphone in … [Read more...]