Guide to activate WhatsApp calling on iPhone

activate WhatsApp calling on the iPhone

WhatsApp calling has been a hot topic for the last few months. Recently, facebook have rolled out their update for the iOS operating system. With the update, users can now use the WatsApp call on their iPhone. The update would have been rolling out on the devices automatically and it generally takes a good span of 2-3 weeks to reach your phone. No one wants to wait a long … [Read more...]

Apple Watch Review, A Good Step Forward

Apple smartwatch

I am not a big fan of watches that are driven by technology, but the changes are coming faster than I thought. The latest entry in smartwatch race is Apple Watch that looks promising. With its release, there are chances that it can conquer the open market of smart watches. The watch is not really comparable to other smartwatches, but we will try to give a great perspective on … [Read more...]

Control kids playtime on iPhone or iPad


The following tutorial will help you control kids from playing games on your iPhone or iPad. You don't have to purchase any third-party apps and this is the default feature on your Apple device which have iOS 8. So, if you are not using most recent version of iOS then make sure you update your device. For updating the device just navigate to Settings --> General --> … [Read more...]

iPad Air 2 on the rumor shelf and what you should know about it


Apple is making noise lately with their Bendgate and release of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch. The latest news from the Apple desk is the rumor of its 9.7 inch iPad Air to be released in October. [pull_quote_center]The tablet might be called iPad Air2 is yet to be announced. There is constant steam of updates coming out lately. Let’s look down the lane of apple … [Read more...]

Enabling 2-step verification on your online accounts


Do not let the iCloud thing happen to you. If you do not know it already, then here’s the news: the iCloud accounts of Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Kate Upton, Selena Gomez was hacked and tons of intimate photos were leaked online. You will probably say that this is something that happens with celebrities, but the fact is, the vulnerability was on Apple’s part. So, you … [Read more...]

5 Amazing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Cases


Smartphone cases have gone from a necessary evil that protect your phone from the inevitable bumps and bruises of everyday life to classy style statements. We are referring to cases which vary from beefy parts of plastic that is rubbery to casings made of all-natural wood and leather, and everything in between. To put it differently, if you are trying to find some new cases … [Read more...]

iPhone 6: First Impressions


Apple’s newest device comes also in a bigger version. Apple’s most advance phone is out again and available for pre-order. However, this times, Apple released two phones instead of one. There is the conventional 4.7 inch along with the 6 inch version. The confusing part is: which one to get? Looks and Feel If you have not got your hands on an iPhone 6 yet, then, you can get … [Read more...]

Quick Comparison: iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus


The new iPhone’s biggest competition is the other new iPhone. So, the next big thing is finally here, and it is literally big. The new iPhone 6 comes in two variants, the 4.7 inch and the less ergonomic 5.5 inch. Did Apple want to take the competition to the Samsung Galaxy Note line-up? Previously, Apple brought out multiple variants of the same phone, even though there were … [Read more...]

Apple: Official page will help Android users move easily to iPhone


After launching bigger iPhone 6 models to win hearts of Android users who prefers bigger screen mobile phones, Apple made a support web page to assist them migrate from Android to iPhone.  There are lots of users who waited long for Apple to launch large screen smartphone and their hope comes true. The support web page named "Move content from your Android phone to iPhone" … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 6: 10 million units sold in three days


Apple has declared it has sold over iPhone 6 Plus versions and 10 million new iPhone 6, only three days following the start. A year ago, Apple had sold 5C cellphones and 9 million iPhone 5S through the starting weekend. It is worth pointing out that China is not included by this year's sales amounts as the mobiles are still not available in the region Just like a year … [Read more...]