5 Best Android Alarm Clock To Wake You Up At Time


Last day, I was so tired that I woke up 2 hours late than my scheduled wake-up. I was stunned and literally shaken that I have no time left to dress up and go to the office. That's one scenario, I do not want myself to be in and I bet you also do not want to put yourself in this position as well. We all have Android smartphone and they offer some of the best Android Alarm … [Read more...]

6 Best Flashlight App For Android With Minimal Permission


Flashlights are quite useful for the Smartphone users. But, if you are one of the power users, the default flashlight app for Android Lollipop just doesn't stand out. Even if you are using the previous version of Android, you will find the best flashlight app for android useful and more powerful compared to the default one. With the best flashlight, you will get the best of … [Read more...]

How To Download Free ebooks for Android


Ebooks are the 21st century way of distributing books on the electronic format. The world is full of readers and if you happen to have an android smartphone then you are in luck as we are going to discuss the how to download free ebooks for Android OS. Reading books on the move is always a beautiful experience for the book lovers. The battle for ebooks and hard copy books is … [Read more...]

5 Best Task Manager Android


Android is a rich mobile operating system, it offers great UI, functionality and offers a great experience for its users. But, it does have components or features that can be improved. One of those features is task manager -- the earlier version of Android operating system quite didn't quite made the cut. The latest Android JellyBean and Lollipop has an interesting Task … [Read more...]

5 Best Android File Manager

best android file manager

Android is fun and powerful mobile operating system. With over 80% of mobile OS market share, there is less chances that anyone else can take its place. Cyanogen, a mobile OS built upon the stock android is running behind android lately, but only time can tell if they can topple Android from the first place. But, that's not the discussion of today's topic. Today, we will … [Read more...]

Google Map: Download and use it offline on Android, iOS


Google map is one of the most used apps in android or iOS at this time. Whether you are using a smart phone or a tablet Google Map makes navigating much faster and easier. Right now, Google map is providing maps in about 220 countries with voice guided GPS navigation and detailed information of over 100 million places around the world! Imagine you are on a business trip and … [Read more...]

How to turn your PC or Mac into an android device

android apps on PC or Mac

Android is slowly capturing the smartphone market, not only because it’s user-friendly but making apps for Android is easy and developer friendly. More and more apps are coming out and there is plethora of apps to choose from. So, have you ever wondered how you can run Android apps on pc or mac? Or is it even possible to do so? Today, we are going to go through many options … [Read more...]