5 Best Android Alarm Clock To Wake You Up At Time


Last day, I was so tired that I woke up 2 hours late than my scheduled wake-up. I was stunned and literally shaken that I have no time left to dress up and go to the office. That's one scenario, I do not want myself to be in and I bet you also do not want to put yourself in this position as well. We all have Android smartphone and they offer some of the best Android Alarm … [Read more...]

Smart PC Stick from Intel and iBall To Revolutionize Daily Life

PC Stick

With technology evolving on each passing day, it is not surprising on how new products or gadgets are released. The new in the list of the gadgets or power PC's is the Intel Compute Stick and i-Ball Splendo PC Stick. Both of them are small enough to be carried in your pants. Comparatively, they are smaller than your smartphone. The need for portable systems was on the … [Read more...]

A Rundown of the Five Best WhatsApp Alternatives


When it comes to instant messaging applications, WhatsApp has been the global leader for a while now. With over 800 million monthly active users, WhatsApp messenger is simple yet the most popular instant messaging application available on different mobile platforms. Almost every other person uses this application—from young people who mainly use it for texting to top … [Read more...]

Hide My IP Review: Anonymously Browse the Internet

hidemyipreview (2)

You are not alone online and that be both scary and blessing. With so many users online, there is always a chance that someone is spying on your, taking note of every single click. And, now this is really scary. Why Privacy Is Important? Privacy is an important part of anyone's life, it can be both offline or online. Non-tech people are the most victimized of online … [Read more...]

6 Best Flashlight App For Android With Minimal Permission


Flashlights are quite useful for the Smartphone users. But, if you are one of the power users, the default flashlight app for Android Lollipop just doesn't stand out. Even if you are using the previous version of Android, you will find the best flashlight app for android useful and more powerful compared to the default one. With the best flashlight, you will get the best of … [Read more...]

HTC One ME Dual Sim Review


HTC Corporation is in the field of mobile making for the past 18+ years and now they have released a dual-sim version of HTC One ME. The Taiwanese company is all set to provide more power in the hands of the consumer. Dual Sim phone always have the advantage of has two sim cards, where connectivity can be maintained even one of the SIM cards network don't work as it … [Read more...]

Download and Install Android M on Nexus


The latest Google I/O 2015 have seen a lot of new announcement and the biggest one of them is the announcement of Android M, the latest Android Operating System. With more than the 85% mobile devices run using the Android Operating System, the release of Android M late in Q3 this year can change how we use Android smartphones. Have Nexus Smartphone and don't want to wait on … [Read more...]

Asus ZenFone 2 vs Lenovo A6000 vs Lenovo A7000


Mid-budget smartphones are great. They offer extensive features and functionality and comes at the same price band. With so many different brands surround you and me, it is quite obvious for us to get lost in choosing the best smartphone for us. Currently, there are three mid-range smartphones that come with amazing specs and are quite similar to each other. These … [Read more...]

Synch Your Mobile Phone with Your Lifestyle


Choosing the best mobile phone for your circumstances depends upon your particular needs and preferences. So while manufacturers are eager to sell you models equipped with all the bells and whistles, you may end up paying for services and features you don't need. Rather than being overly influenced by marketing and promotions, a better approach is to define what it is you are … [Read more...]

Apple iPad Pro Release Date, Rumors and More


Do you remember the glorious Apple iPad? if you don't then don't blame yourself as the sale of the iPad have decreased for the five straight quarters. The decline of sale can be linked to lack of innovation from Apple Gaint. But, their new iPad Pro can be the saviour in the tough times. The competition is getting tough and with the advent of Chinese companies such as Xiaomi, … [Read more...]