5 Ways To Use Your Old Cell Phone

Most of us have at least one old cell phone lying around that we just aren't using. Instead of simply allowing it to gather dust, make use of one of these tips to benefit from the old device: 1. Sell It Depending on the age and condition of the phone, you can sell it to a local pawn shop to get a few extra dollars to put in your back pocket. Alternatively, advertise it on … [Read more...]

Download and Install Android M on Nexus


The latest Google I/O 2015 have seen a lot of new announcement and the biggest one of them is the announcement of Android M, the latest Android Operating System. With more than the 85% mobile devices run using the Android Operating System, the release of Android M late in Q3 this year can change how we use Android smartphones. Have Nexus Smartphone and don't want to wait on … [Read more...]

Project ARA: The story until now!

Project ARA

Project ARA has been on the charts lately with emphasis on its latest development, showed by Google in their current press release. The idea is an amazing approach to electronic waste management and can bring more re-usability with the amendment of easy upgradeability. No one wants to throw away their new phone because another phone has hit the market and is far better … [Read more...]

10 reasons to Root your android device


There will always will be some users who long for more freedom and they seek it at everything. More freedom means more choice, more options to teak. But there are also some users who like to keep things at the stock beauty. They choose clean and simple things that has limited options instead of the messy super advantage they could. Some are willing to take the risk if its worth … [Read more...]

Google Map: Download and use it offline on Android, iOS


Google map is one of the most used apps in android or iOS at this time. Whether you are using a smart phone or a tablet Google Map makes navigating much faster and easier. Right now, Google map is providing maps in about 220 countries with voice guided GPS navigation and detailed information of over 100 million places around the world! Imagine you are on a business trip and … [Read more...]

How to Turn your phone into a webcam

phone into a webcam

Ever wondered that the smart phone can be used as a webcam? Neither we did until we found the need for doing so. There is a popular saying that necessity is the mother of invention and this is quite true in this case. Current generation smartphones are different from old phones. They can adapt furiously to user needs with the help of apps. So, do you really need a webcam? … [Read more...]

Top 10 Features to look for when buying a Smartphone: Part 2


Yet Another Feature List! This time we start with the remaining five features that we left behind in our Part 1 of the series. Read it here. As discussed earlier, choosing a smartphone with the right features is not about luck; it requires thorough knowledge about smartphones and the tricks that companies play to sell their phone to us. Let's not waste much time and start … [Read more...]

Top 10 Features to look for when buying a Smartphone: Part 1


With hundreds of handheld devices swarming the market, it’s tough to choose one. When we surrounded by hundreds of items to choose from, we suffer from a very common psychological phenomenon known as analysis paralysis. Don’t worry, that’s why we are going to present an in-depth guide on how to choose a smartphone. Note: We like to keep our articles short and informative. … [Read more...]

How to Download & Install Fonts – Part 2


Fonts provides a distinct layout and typography to a body of text and are typefaces that we see on the monitor screen. Arial and Times New Roman, Tahoma are examples of fonts, and they outline the form of the characters that show up on the screen. A font can be used in different sizes. Here is the second part of how to download & install fonts. For part 1 click … [Read more...]

Google Service Workers to enrich offline browsing


Google is always the front-runner, when it comes to enriching user experience and bringing new technology, that eventually changes the way we look at Web. Google has gone a few steps further in refining user experience for the web. Users may not find 404 pages anymore. There are situations when users want to go through their favorite website only to be disappointed by … [Read more...]