Comparing HTC One A9 with Samsung Galaxy S7


Between HTC One A9, which was launched yesteryear around the month of November, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 that is going to hit the stores in March 2016, there might be confusion about which device to get. Here is a quick comparison between the two that should help you make up your mind on which device suits you better. Design: If you look at the HTC One A9, you would … [Read more...]

New Samsung Phones in 2016


2016 promises to be a very competitive year for the mobile phone industry and the new Samsung Phones in 2016 do not disappoint.  The company is set to unveil their new Galaxy - the Samsung Galaxy S7. This particular model promises to be the best one yet. In this article, we will be going over some of the top features of the new Samsung Galaxy S7. Top Features Of The Galaxy … [Read more...]

Cell Phone Rooting: Realities And Risks

As you're already well aware, modern smartphones are very powerful devices. They offer you a wealth of different opportunities and capabilities. What you may not realize is that your device's operating system may actually stand between you and some of your phone's potential uses. In order to get around this roadblock, it's possible to root your phone and take total control of … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Use Your Old Cell Phone

Most of us have at least one old cell phone lying around that we just aren't using. Instead of simply allowing it to gather dust, make use of one of these tips to benefit from the old device: 1. Sell It Depending on the age and condition of the phone, you can sell it to a local pawn shop to get a few extra dollars to put in your back pocket. Alternatively, advertise it on … [Read more...]

Smart PC Stick from Intel and iBall To Revolutionize Daily Life

PC Stick

With technology evolving on each passing day, it is not surprising on how new products or gadgets are released. The new in the list of the gadgets or power PC's is the Intel Compute Stick and i-Ball Splendo PC Stick. Both of them are small enough to be carried in your pants. Comparatively, they are smaller than your smartphone. The need for portable systems was on the … [Read more...]

Facebook Launched Hello App, A Smart Way to Block Unwanted Calls


Facebook loves innovation and making people life better. And the recent release of Hello app for the Android OS, provides a great product for making the life a little better. The Hello app from Facebook is a new caller ID and Blocker app, that integrates well with both the Android calling UI and the Facebook information. The seamless integration makes the functionality of … [Read more...]

Play Store 5.0 with Material Design rolled out by Google.


Google is still famous for their quick changes with the tech, and recently they are rolling out a new version of Play Store. The Play Store now sports new Material Design elements which is the part of new version of its mobile operating system. And all these happened ahead of expected unveiling of Android L. This updates reflects well with Google Play Store version 5.0.31 … [Read more...]

4G and its Future


Fourth Generation (4G) stands for the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology. The technology is the middle man between 3G and 5G. The latest technology works similar to 3G with additional mobile broadband Internet access, for example to smartphones, to laptops with wireless modems and other devices.  4G potential applications include IP technology, amended … [Read more...]

Apple: Official page will help Android users move easily to iPhone


After launching bigger iPhone 6 models to win hearts of Android users who prefers bigger screen mobile phones, Apple made a support web page to assist them migrate from Android to iPhone.  There are lots of users who waited long for Apple to launch large screen smartphone and their hope comes true. The support web page named "Move content from your Android phone to iPhone" … [Read more...]

Google Service Workers to enrich offline browsing


Google is always the front-runner, when it comes to enriching user experience and bringing new technology, that eventually changes the way we look at Web. Google has gone a few steps further in refining user experience for the web. Users may not find 404 pages anymore. There are situations when users want to go through their favorite website only to be disappointed by … [Read more...]