Guide to activate WhatsApp calling on iPhone

activate WhatsApp calling on the iPhone

WhatsApp calling has been a hot topic for the last few months. Recently, facebook have rolled out their update for the iOS operating system. With the update, users can now use the WatsApp call on their iPhone. The update would have been rolling out on the devices automatically and it generally takes a good span of 2-3 weeks to reach your phone. No one wants to wait a long … [Read more...]

Download and Install Android M on Nexus


The latest Google I/O 2015 have seen a lot of new announcement and the biggest one of them is the announcement of Android M, the latest Android Operating System. With more than the 85% mobile devices run using the Android Operating System, the release of Android M late in Q3 this year can change how we use Android smartphones. Have Nexus Smartphone and don't want to wait on … [Read more...]

How To Download Free ebooks for Android


Ebooks are the 21st century way of distributing books on the electronic format. The world is full of readers and if you happen to have an android smartphone then you are in luck as we are going to discuss the how to download free ebooks for Android OS. Reading books on the move is always a beautiful experience for the book lovers. The battle for ebooks and hard copy books is … [Read more...]

Guide to Activate WhatsApp Calling Android


WhatsApp is an app millions of people around the world use on a day-to-day basis. You can safely say it has replaced SMS as a way to communicate with friends and family. Sure, there are lots of other apps, like Hike, Telegram, Messenger and BBM, but WhatsApp has captured people’s hearts, and is here to stay. Recently acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp has now started rolling out … [Read more...]

How to find your lost iPhone

find lost iPhone

This article is the 2nd post in the series How to recover your lost phone. The first post of the series, "How to find your lost Android phone" can be found here. iPhone is a successful phone in the current market and market penetration of iPhone is quite impressive. They have penetrated in many individual lives, but many of us who lose their phone either by theft or due to … [Read more...]

How to find your lost Android phone


The smartphones have evaded our life faster than we may have wanted. Our life is completely transformed with the advent of technology. But, what about the negatives that it carry? We all love our gadgets, but what happens when they are lost? Today, we will go through the tools and techniques that will help you find lost Android Phone. Android phones are capturing market … [Read more...]

Google Map: Download and use it offline on Android, iOS


Google map is one of the most used apps in android or iOS at this time. Whether you are using a smart phone or a tablet Google Map makes navigating much faster and easier. Right now, Google map is providing maps in about 220 countries with voice guided GPS navigation and detailed information of over 100 million places around the world! Imagine you are on a business trip and … [Read more...]

How to Turn your phone into a webcam

phone into a webcam

Ever wondered that the smart phone can be used as a webcam? Neither we did until we found the need for doing so. There is a popular saying that necessity is the mother of invention and this is quite true in this case. Current generation smartphones are different from old phones. They can adapt furiously to user needs with the help of apps. So, do you really need a webcam? … [Read more...]

Top 10 Features to look for when buying a Smartphone: Part 2


Yet Another Feature List! This time we start with the remaining five features that we left behind in our Part 1 of the series. Read it here. As discussed earlier, choosing a smartphone with the right features is not about luck; it requires thorough knowledge about smartphones and the tricks that companies play to sell their phone to us. Let's not waste much time and start … [Read more...]

Top 10 Features to look for when buying a Smartphone: Part 1


With hundreds of handheld devices swarming the market, it’s tough to choose one. When we surrounded by hundreds of items to choose from, we suffer from a very common psychological phenomenon known as analysis paralysis. Don’t worry, that’s why we are going to present an in-depth guide on how to choose a smartphone. Note: We like to keep our articles short and informative. … [Read more...]