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Mobilekin.com is all about technology. If you are buying a new gadget or you are interested about what is happening in the tech world, then we are here to provide you with the most up-to-date news, reviews and gadget specifications. We cover everything from consumer electronics to the top trends on social media, social media marketing, gaming and more. Each of our authors is expert in their field and provide you with unbiased and factual articles.

When you ask friend and colleagues, what you get mostly are opinions. We, on the other hand, help you stay informed and not opinionated. What is better than a couple of hours of internet research? You can get all the nitty-gritty details about the technology gadget that you were eying for some time. If you do not have the time, then we will get the research done for you.

Our news sections are frequently updated. The reviews, the news feed is unbiased, and we provide as much information that we can gather. We cover device releases, upcoming devices, leaks and rumors and more. We are also on other social networks like Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

At Phony99.com, our sister website, we have a dedicated phone database. It is the place to visit before you buy a phone. The internet is filled with reviews and impressions of the device. We give you all the technical details you need to know before you buy a phone. We cover everything from the device dimensions to the details of the System-on-a-Chip that drives the phone. No single details are missed out, and everything is double-checked before publishing.

We have comprehensive hand-on reviews that are unbiased and covers every single detail of the device. It is a good starting place for a person who wants to know all the intricate details of the device. For a person who is not that technical, then he or she can get enough from the reviews. Our reviews are properly detailed and divided into several sections that make finding important details easier.

Another important feature is the compare section. Not only does it help you narrow down if it has multiple devices, but it also helps you to understand if that upgrade you were thinking of is worth it or not. There are times when you probably get confused over where the newer version you have is better than the one you own or not, rather, if a newer version is worth the price. With a handy compare tool, we can easily show you the differences between any two phones. So, that will make it pretty much clear if you have any dilemmas related to that.

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