How to record screen video on Android

Capturing important game play moments are dream of almost every gamer on Earth. Android Games are increasingly becoming more and more interesting but failure of android devices to capture those glorifying moments can ruin many gamer’s mood. Capturing Screen can also be needed for other purposes like shooting a tutorial or reproducing an error message for future reference. Whatever be the reason, let’s detour our way on how to actually record screen video on Android.

Before proceeding, it would be wise to mention the history behind devices and why it was impossible to capture screen on Android Devices. The major reason was the hardware that lacked the juice to support video recording, but with the advent of 28nm and quad-core Tegra 3 chips, the capacity to shoot videos is back.  From Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Google added the combination to grab a screenshot and from Android 4.4 KitKat, it started to support video recording. Now, let’s start our tour of capturing screen video on Android.

Rooting Android Device – Easiest way to shoot and also brick your phone (if done improperly)

recRooted Device can achieve the easiest way of recording videos but you can be left with a bricked phone, if the phone is not rooted properly. There is an app called “Rec” which simplifies the process of recording videos on Android Device. It is readily available on Android Marketplace.

Rec. is a modern beautiful app with the capacity to capture screen video on Android up to 1 hour with sound through microphone only. The app hides itself beautifully in the background and let you record game play on Android.  The recording is done at 30 fps.

The other way around –- Recording on non-rooted device.

Another great app “Recordable” provides the same functionality as “Rec.”. Recordable provides versatility and it works without rooting the phone. In theory, this means that it works from any version including and above Android, 2.3 Gingerbread.

recordable android phone

Recordable also fails to record system video but videos still work perfectly usable.

Download Recordable on Android ($1.99).

Using Android SDK and ADB

This option will work always and is the best way out there. You can record screen video on Android via Android’s own SDK. There are many online tutorials that show step by step process of achieving the goal of recording videos.


Using a HDMI Recorder for earlier Android Versions like Jelly Bean

The above mentioned apps only work for latest Android but what happens when we want to capture screen video on android older devices which boost older Android versions like Jellybeans.  The only way out but an expensive one is getting a HDMI recorder like Intensity Pro PCI Express card ($199) by Blackmagic. Other things that are needed to make the procedure a success are a HDMI port on your device and a PC/Notebook for installing the PCI Express card.


So how you do it? The first step is to install the PCI Express card into the PC/Laptop. Next, you have to connect to the phone through the card’s HDMI port. The last step is to simply run the capture software to record a high quality video.

This method is very good compared to other as high quality video captures are possible, which are perfect for social media channels.

Today, we discussed many ways of capturing screen video on Android Phone, if you have any better or alternative solution, feel free to discuss it by commenting below!

Image Courtesy: PhoneAreana