Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

Screen Size has always been a dilemma for many users and even companies. The perfect one is hard to find and with time, there has been a major change in the screen size from Samsung phones ranging from 5.3 inch in 2011 to now 5.7 inch.

Many users thought that the screen size is too large for the phone or too small for the tablet, opinions were floating everywhere and to be true, perspective is what matters more here.

Samsung in their past 3 years, transited from 5.3 inch to 5.1 inch (Samsung Galaxy S5 )and finally to 5.7 inch(Samsung Galaxy Note 4). Today we are going to review Samsung flagship Note, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. So let’s get started.


Screen Quality

The most important component for a communication device is its Screen quality. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 display touts Quad HD Super AMOLED with a resolution of 2,560 x 1440 resolution technology that stretches to 500 pixels per inch.

Samsung has code named the technology “adaptive display” as according to them, the screen adapts according to the light of the place you are in and the viewing angles are amazing despite of the ambiance.

Quality of the screen is evident from the demo’s out on the internet. The screen flares in the entire department with color clarity and details coming out from all the corners. Zooming in also looked perfect with minimum emphasis on breaking out.

The build quality takes over all the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


Design has been over-hauled from being too plastic into a premium finish. According to me, every flagship device should use premium finish over the plastic or cheap ones, as the device gives the impression of luxury to other people surrounding you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The phone is quite different from Samsung Galaxy Note 3, much lighter and has better grip.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with heartbeat monitor who is quite handy but I am skeptic about the accuracy of the same.

Other than that, design specs of Note 3 and Note 4 are minimal and it’s hard to find any difference.


S Pen

S Pen is an important component of the Note 4 ecosystem. In comparison to the last year S Pen, the new has subtle changes to it. According to Samsung, the stylus is more responsive and sensitive than the previous versions. This could lead to experiences very similar to natural handwriting.

The stylus does look promising but no way near an actual pen and paper.


The Stylus can also be used to minimize app windows or dragging them around the screen. It can also be used to copy/paste stuff and help define words on the screen. Stylus is a great tool for a writer or a blogger.

Operating System

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat which Samsung Galaxy S5 used too. This means that same OS experience will be offered to people who are transiting from Samsung Galaxy S5 to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 like system toggles, shortcuts etc.

The start menu can help you choose extra gestures. You can let your individual carriers to manage apps and partner installation.

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Camera has been greatly improved over the last iteration. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 now comes with 16 MP camera from 13 MP. The camera talks much about innovations that are put into the device. Despite of greater megapixel supported by the Note, the key to have grSamsung Galaxy Note 4eat pictures is the camera’s f stop, which now clocks at F1.9. This specs can be technical but in layman terms this clearly means that the camera now let’s 60 % more light and thus makes the photos more vibrant.

The great thing about the phone is that you can use S Pen along with camera. Another feature called Snap Note lets you to take a picture of paper and let the creativity pour in.

The Snap Note features is amazing as seen in the demo, you can change the color and size of the images or delete text or size of the object could be increased. This can make creative people let their creativity out for other to celebrate.

Selfies are ruling the world and this is evident from the new design feature used by Samsung Galaxy Note 4. They introduced a selfie panorama mode which like the normal panorama does the job in selfie department expect its uses the front-facing camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

There is more to selfie madness; they have utilized the heart rate monitor functionality as a back trigger button so that your thumb doesn’t get in front of the camera.

Phone Performance and Battery

Ever heard of any phone improve their mic performance? Samsung did the exact thing in their latest Note. The device is now built for business and now has 3 mics on the handset. One at the top and two at the bottom, these can easily be utilized for recording voices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can be used to zoom into one voice and cut the rest out. This can be very useful features for journalist and interviewer whose sole work depends on capturing the important and discarding the unnecessary.

The performance of the device is lightning fast and the device can catch you napping once in a while with its speed. There was no lag when opening apps or receiving a call during a game session.


Note 4 boast a processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 or Exynos 5433. This phone surely made Samsung challenge the top spot in the flagship market and a great new member to the Note family.

Battery life is also an important aspect of the phone and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 featuers a 3200mAh battery with improved charging times. This is evident from the fact that 50% of the battery is charged in just 30 minutes.


The new phone determines the attitude; Samsung wants to bring in the market. They have overhauled the premium outlook of the phone and put innovations that matter the most. A must buy for anyone looking for a serious flagship device.

Image Courtesy: TechRadar