Play Store 5.0 with Material Design rolled out by Google.

Google is still famous for their quick changes with the tech, and recently they are rolling out a new version of Play Store. The Play Store now sports new Material Design elements which is the part of new version of its mobile operating system. And all these happened ahead of expected unveiling of Android L.

This updates reflects well with Google Play Store version 5.0.31 that comes with flatter design and vibrant colors. The update also includes changes to UI elements of Android L.

Another change in the Google Play Store includes a redesigned menu bar with color coded name sections. They also repositioned the “what’s new’ section for app listing, further enhancing it with vibrant different colors so that users don’t have to scroll down to check on recent changes.

New sidebars and icons are also introduced in the update. The update has many changes which make it a worthwhile mention and explanation to the core. The Android L back navigation key has been introduced to the back button.

The update is still rolling on many android devices. Advanced users can opt to download and install the APK installation file, readily available on many Android blogs on the internet.