What’s new in Windows 10?

So finally, Windows 10 news are coming out. With the advent of new technology everyday, Microsoft new operating system, dubbed Windows 10 has come a long way from 1.01 released almost 20 years ago in Nov’ 1985.

Let’s see what the new windows have to offers.

Windows 10 preview has brought a lot of changes on the scene but there are chances that we are going to see only a few of them. Wondering how big Windows feature list can be, we will try to showcase only a few of them in this article.

Codename Windows 10

Seems unreasonable to many, but Microsoft has decided to name their new Operating System Windows 10 instead of Windows 9. And yes, this is a feature to crave about. They skipped the whole Windows 9!

Start Menu – Old is Gold


Microsoft in April previewed Windows and hinted towards the Start Menu to be brought back but when it would be finally released was a mystery. Today, we are clear about our doubts on when Start Menu’s will come back.

Finally, the Start Menu is back in the Windows 10 and has similarities of Windows 8 start menu as well. The live tiles are present and can be re-sized and moved around. On top of that, the entire Start Menu can be re-sized. The aim behind all these features is personalisation that Microsoft wants to give to their Windows 10 users. Like the old Start Menu, it will also host universal search but with addition of web results.

Modern Apps in Windows Formmordernapps

Microsoft is officially bringing “Modern” apps to the desktop similar to what they had in Windows 8, MordernMix. “Universal apps” is the name of the application and it will work the same at other windows app on the desktop.

Improved Multitasking and Multiple Desktops

Microsoft has finally learned and is moving towards some amazing features that Linux and OS X had for years. Two very popular features have been introduced to Windows: Task View, where one can easily see all the open windows at once, and letting users create multiple desktop for better Windows organization.

Want to snap all 4 windows at once? Microsoft introduced Aero Snap which could just do that! In addition to that, it can showcase other open windows in empty spaces for you to easily drag them into the view.

Command Prompt


A small but very useful update has come along in the Command Prompt, now you can use Ctrl+V instead of right clicking and then pasting it into the Command Prompt.

Touch Interface improved

The new release of the Operating System Windows 10 revolves around the simple philosophy of creating a more unified experience across devices, including PCs and tablets. Heard this before? Well, Microsoft also aimed for the same for the Windows 8 but this time around they are serious about creating unified experience for the users.

Features like swipe gesture for Task View, larger buttons so that they are easier to touch are just few of the improvement. Windows 10 improves on user-friendliness by switching to more touch-friendly view when you start using a touch screen.

What’s next?

Microsoft Windows 10 looks promising from early stages and could further improve when the final version releases. Is this the best OS released by Microsoft? Only time can tell, until then we wait and watch.

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