Control kids playtime on iPhone or iPad

The following tutorial will help you control kids from playing games on your iPhone or iPad. You don’t have to purchase any third-party apps and this is the default feature on your Apple device which have iOS 8. So, if you are not using most recent version of iOS then make sure you update your device. For updating the device just navigate to Settings –> General –> Software Update

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After reading all the steps you can easily control your kids playtime on iPhone or iPad. Here are the simple steps:

1. Click on Setting from your home screen.playtime1

2. From the settings list, tap on General to continue.playtime2

3. Before setting play time for any app you have to turn on the “Guided Access” feature. You can do that from Accessibility -> Guided Access. Also, you should note that only one app can be used at a time.playtime3

4. You can now restrict your children by time. Just open the app or game on your iPhone or iPad and triple-tap the home button which will activate the Guided Access feature. You have to tap on Options as shown in the screenshot below.playtime4

5. From the options list, you need to turn on the Time Limit feature.playtime5

6. Now just use the scrolling list to set the duration for the game session. Tap on Done to save the change. After that tap on Start which will start the game. You might also need to set up the password for this feature if you have not done before. This will also restrict your children from accessing other apps.playtime6

7. After time over, the game or app will be closed automatically.

8. To exit from Guided access, you need to triple-tab home button again. Enter your password which will switched your device back to normal mode.

Let me know if you need any help.