Top 5 Android Apps – You probably didn’t know

Android has always been about the apps. A highly open system was always great for customization and development of apps.

[quote_center]This list will go over the 5 Android apps that you should have, but you probably do not.[/quote_center]

In that sense, it does not make those apps the top rated apps, so as to say. Your list of top apps might include your favourite messenger or a junk file cleaner. This list, here, contains apps from different categories makes your phone complete.

IFTTT-Android-960x623IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That”, and it is an app that lets the internet do the work for you. IFTT connects to a lot of different services and automates the tasks for you. These services include popular social networking and photo sharing sites. It can also connect to OneNote, Philips Hue, Google Drive and more. So, you can program IFTT to send a message to your Life360 when you check in on Facebook, or to upload your Instagram Photos to Flickr and upload your Flickr public photos to Facebook. You can use to set up weather alerts, sending a text to someone when you miss a call, or get your Fitbit tracking data to Google Sheets and more. IFTT has a great community and you can chain multiple simple “If this, then than” recipes together to get task done. With a simple and easy to use interface, it is great for both business and personal needs. The app works only on Android 4.0 and might lag at times. It also takes up a lot of space on your phone. More information

Dolphin Browser
dolphin browserWhatever device you own, most people end up using a third-party web browser as their primary browser. Alternative to Android’s default browser and the very popular UC browser, there is the Dolphin Browser. Like UC, Dolphin Browser has tons of features that are simply indispensable. It has a full screen mode, a night mode, ability to sync across multiple devices and also usage of gesture and speech to get work done. You also have themes if you are into personalization. It also has its own Web App Store, Wi-Fi broadcast and more. If you are missing the data compression features of Android, then you can add the Dolphin Jetpack along with it. Google play store link

ProCapture 2.0
procaptureProCapture is probably that flagship camera app of the Android platform. Packing all the good stuff together in one single app, ProCapture is the only camera app that you will ever need. This app however does not have a video capture option. The most useful feature is taking two of the same scene and reducing their noise. There is grid and Fibonacci spiral along with live histograms that will aid you to take the best possible shot. You can also take high-resolution panorama and Wide angle shots photos that are the best in class. Google play store, free & paid links.

Microsoft Office
Microsoft-Office-para-Android-642x428This document management app is so good that even Samsung is planning to include it in their future Android phones. We all have heard of QuickOffice and Polaris Office. Microsoft’s own Office is a powerhouse and there is no doubt with that. Plus, the seamless integration with OneDrive and SharePoint makes it a great choice for business. Charts, animations, SmartArt Graphics, and shapes, all look great on the mobile optimized versions of the Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can create, edit and save documents, just like it was done on the desktop and retain the same formatting. Download link

CoPilot Premium
copilot-live-9Even though it is a big expensive, CoPilot Premium can be the most dependable GPS and navigation app. You will not understand how useful it can be unless you start using it. The CoPilot services once purchased are for lifetime. If you are on the road for long, the 3D ClearTurn™ makes things a lot easier. You also get traffic updates, and the best part is that, the app has offline navigation. With CoPilot, you can finally say a goodbye to your standalone car GPS. More information