How to take screenshot on Android Smartphone

Android is one of the most popular mobile OS today, but still there is no standard method for taking screenshot which works on all devices. Here are different ways of taking screenshot on your Android phone.

Android 4.0 and Above:

If you are using the recent version of Android then this feature is available for you in your phone. All you need to press the volume down button and power button at the same time. Just hold them for a second and your phone will take the screenshot of your phone screen. The screenshot will be saved in your gallery and from there you can use that.


Android 2.3 and below:

Andoid 2.3 and below version of OS supported devices does not support this as built-in feature. But still some companies like samsung provide this feature for some of its phone and all you need to press the home and power buttons at the same time for a second. You have to search on google whether your phone is supported or not.


For users, who doesn’t have a built in feature for taking screenshot, have to use an app from the google play store. I recommend using No Root Screenshot It. But for this you have to install app in your mobile and as well as on your computer.


Rooted Android devices running Android 2.3 or below:

Apps like Screenshot UX runs on rooted phones which will take screenshots by variety of shortcuts. Or flash a custom ROM like CyanogenMod which has screenshotting as built in feature.