5 Best Mobile Phones 2014

There are many smartphones in the market and each holds their own place in some way or another. And that’s today we are going to list top 5 best mobile phones out there. The countdown will be from bottom to top so that you are feasted with lots of option to choose from.

The current market is not about just two phones, which one should you take phone X or phone Y. It’s more than this. Let’s dive deep down into the 5 best mobile phones in the World Today.

  1. LG G2

5 best Mobile Phones 2014

A year old phone which still stands tall in 2014 and was gave a close fight to HTC One last year.

The phone features very good screen, one of the best audio quality, quality camera and more.  The list is never ending.  LG G2 is a great product from the South Korean firm indeed.

The position of the phone’s power and volume buttons are placed on the rear which is not favored by many of us but still it delivers a lot from where it stands.  LG G2 is an impressive device indeed.

Our verdict on the phone is to get naughty with it. The phone can easily be recommended to anyone looking at the cheaper smartphone segment.

The dislikes of the phone include cluttered UI and the plastic casing which eventually kills the premium feel a phone should have. At the cost of £400 on PAYG which is what we call a very good price for a phone like this.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S5

5 best Mobile Phones 2014

Number 4 in our 5 best mobile phones 2014 is Samsung Galaxy S5. This phone has made a lot of hype in 2014 and is the best phone Samsung Galaxy has ever produced.

The phone sports a blazing fast core, a larger 5.1 inch screen and a strong result in the benchmarks; all because of the fact that it is loaded with Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is also the best phone on the market when it comes to battery life, giving a tough fight to impressive One M8 in power category.

With the advent of improved hardware, a better camera and finger print scanner, Samsung has decided to drop the innovative “air gestures”.

A great phone to have considering the price and hardware it offers. The only thing that Galaxy S5 fails at is the design. But we can keep faith on Samsung as they always deliver better phones with coming years.

Samsung delivers clear UI and other amazing features. This phone grabs no. 4 in our 5 best mobile phones 2014 list.

  1. OnePlus One

5 best Mobile Phones 2014

OnePlus One on number 3? Surprised? For those who are not new to OnePlus One will surely not. Others, they will believe the rankings once we discuss a little bit of it.

The phone is simply amazing and offers all the power, specs and functionality of the flagship phones with super-customizable software for just half the price (£269 for 64GB variant followed by £229 for 16GB version).

The things that are missing from phone which could have made the phone more awesome are removable battery and microSD slot.

The phone also lacks best camera features and design can also be improved. Taking all the aspects, the phone can be a great choice at the price it is offered. The phone tried to target audience that are all for power than design and they succeed without much error.

These new entries always keep the whole market alive; they bring more competition and keep the market full of new surprises. One plus One is highly recommended for people who are looking for power in very tight budget.

  1. Sony Xperia Z2

5 best Mobile Phones 2014

Sony failed last year with their lack luster run with Xperia Z1. They conceded a home run by not so impressive camera and screen lacking the IPS clout leading to muted colors and poor viewing angels.

This year they are back with a bang and managed to grab 2nd spot in our 5 best mobile phones 2014 countdown.

The phone is really impressive in almost all features it has to offer. The phone comes with intuitive top-notch industrial design and offers premium looks which Samsung fails to do. The phone is IP58 rated which means that it is robust that it’s Galactical and Primary rivals.

The phone is a complete all-rounder when it comes to great battery life, good camera and strong power.

Sony overall impresses the scene but needs to fix camera and screen. They might need to add some other features. Other featuers that make the phone every penny is Front facing speakers, 4K video recording and inbuilt noise cancellation.

       1. HTC One M8

5 best Mobile Phones 2014

In the end it doesn’t ever matter. Well, this is not the case in our countdown. HTC One M8 renders everyone useless with its all powerful features and still re-invents the wheel to make the new model a massive winner in this year 5 best mobile phones 2014 list.

The speedy camera coupled with Duo Camera and design is just few features that keep the phone apart.

Gaming, photography, music, browsing; all are super rich and fast because of the hardware which is powered by Snapdragon 801 processor. The phone front-facing camera is also much better.

The only thing that HTC One M8 lacks is the megapixel upgrade which somewhat takes away a little sharpness than they might otherwise be.


This is the end of our “5 Best mobile phone 2014” list. There is no surprise that HTC One M8 occupied the first place followed by Xperia and One plus one. The major release IPhone 6 was not taken at the time of writing of the article but there are hopes that it would easily make the top 5 list.