How to Download & Install Fonts – Part 1

Fonts are used on all digital devices to design text. Every font provides a distinct layout and typography to a body of text. They can be used on embedded devices, cellular devices, computers and print materials. Here are the steps to download & install fonts.

There are a large number of fonts available on the Internet, few paid and many free. These can be found in different formats like TrueType Font (TTF), OpenType Font (OTF), Web Open Font Format (WOFF), and Embed OpenType Font (EOT).

The most usual method to download a font would be to visit an online font website and download. The download will mainly provide you with a zip file containing the font in both of the previously given format. Many sites give an option to select the formats, and several do not. The downloaded font may subsequently be set up on your personal computer or you can embed them into a web page.

Here are methods to download fonts.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a free service by Google where they provide a large number of open source internet fonts which you can download for your applications or your sites. You can use, share and change them free of charge, because all of the fonts are open source. google-fonts

There are just two approaches.

1-You can download them to your hard disk and install them on your pc. Browse through the fonts and click the Add to Collection button for whichever fonts you want to download. Selected fonts will soon be added to the Collection panel close to the footer. When you’re finished adding, click the Download (icon with down-faced arrow) button close to the top-right of the display. A popup will appear. Click the .zip file choice where it says Download the font families in your collection as .zip file. Save the zip file to your hard disk. It is now possible for you to install these fonts in your personal computer or utilize them in your web pages.

2-The other method to use via their API. For that, click on the Quick Use button on the font you did like to use. Follow the directions of the “Add this code” to your website and Integrate the fonts using CSS on your web page.

DaFont.comdafont is an excellent repository of fonts from where you can download fonts free of charge. They’ve thousands of fonts grouped into various grouping like Foreign Look, Holiday, Fancy, Dingbats, Techno, Script and much more.

Click on a particular font you would like to download. This site will give a preview of each of the alphabets, numbers and symbols. You may be requested to save a zip file, save it to your hard disk. You will get the font files inside the downloaded zip.

Part 2 – Install Fonts

Source: Tech FAQ