Apple to begin using JavaScript in its Yosemite variant?

According to various reports, Apple has quietly started analyzing JavaScript as a potential task automator in its upcoming Yosemite version of its OS X operating system.

In a pre-release API document, Apple offered more details, and outlined JavaScript in OS X.

It’s an OSA component that the document says “can be used from Script Editor, the worldwide Script Menu, in the Run JavaScript Automator Action, applets/droplets, the osascript command-line tool, the NSUserScriptTask API, and everywhere else other OSA components, for example AppleScript, might be used”.

The JavaScript host environment adds properties for automation, program, Library, Path, Progress, ObjectSpecifier, delay, console.log, and a couple of others.

So far, Apple has not made any other statements for that matter about the API, or that much noise about it.

But it’s still a big deal because it treats JavaScript as a “first class citizen” in the world of Apple.

Particularly, the inclusion of an Objective-C bridge that lets JavaScript for Automation work with indigenous OS X libraries like Cocoa is something of a novelty.

Source: Apple.