Google Service Workers to enrich offline browsing

Google is always the front-runner, when it comes to enriching user experience and bringing new technology, that eventually changes the way we look at Web.

Google has gone a few steps further in refining user experience for the web. Users may not find 404 pages anymore. There are situations when users want to go through their favorite website only to be disappointed by internet failure or another transmission issues. Google Offline browsing is the answer to the problem.

Chome-Service Workers

Thanks to new browser standard called Service Workers developed by Google, interruption of service (404 error)will be the thing of the past.

Service Workers makes sure to load a version of the website in your local repository as you go along around the world. It does not bother about your internet connectivity. The website will load even everything is not up-to date, explained Google engineer Alex Russell at the O’Reily Velocity conference, held last week in New York.

Service Workers work under a simple rule; it acts like in-browser proxy that gives the users the capacity to script the offline browser loading , before it hits the online version and gets back something from the servers, Russell explained to an audience of Web developers and administrators.

Service Workers are capable to store any resource in offline mode, they can even store documents. This can also increase the Web content delivery to the device reducing the amount of both ways communication that goes within a browser and a server.


What happens to “404” errors?

From the advent of web, there have been 404 for all of us. Recalling many instances makes me nostalgic and so it does to you. And what will happen to us, when “404” will be thing of the past.  I guess nothing, but surely we will miss our beloved page.

Service workers are here to make this a reality. The modern web will eradicate the need of those horror 404 pages. This is because of the sole reason that websites will work more like an offline application.

A beautiful way of explaining this would be to take a person digging a hole in his house and eventually loses connection to the service provider. The person with service workers running the browser will make things work as it should with no errors or disconnection. The idea is simple, when you click a resource that is not available the browser redirects to existing resource and not the actual resource.

Many would argue about not getting what they want but this is surely better than 404 page error.

Russell explains it better, “You’re in limbo. You can’t go forward and you can’t go back. This is a really terrible user experience and it makes us not trust the Web”. Web application works like native applications, Russell added.

Service Workers will be developer’s best friend, when it comes to treat a Web page like a desktop application. A service worker works by filling a shell with information when the site is offline, providing smooth user experience to the users without realizing the dis-connectivity of the server.

Google is surely making web a better place to live and explore. The Service Worker draft will be implemented on major browsers by the end of this year. Google in-house browse Chrome is been implemented with the new draft. Firefox reportedly is also doing the same. The web will change from next year for sure!