Enabling 2-step verification on your online accounts

Do not let the iCloud thing happen to you.

If you do not know it already, then here’s the news: the iCloud accounts of Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Kate Upton, Selena Gomez was hacked and tons of intimate photos were leaked online. You will probably say that this is something that happens with celebrities, but the fact is, the vulnerability was on Apple’s part. So, you better add a two-factor authentication on your account that adds an extra layer of security by pairing your password and account id with a device or an app. In layman terms, you will need something more than just the user ID and the password to log into an account, for example, a secret code that is texted to the user’s device.

Here is how to enable it on your online accounts.


Starting off with the Google account. Here is what you need to do. Go to the Google Account security and under the password settings, set up the 2-step verification. Then in the next sign-in page, enter your cell phone number and check the option in which you want to receive the code. Click on Send Code and in a few minutes, you will receive a code. Next enter the code and verify it. You will have to reconnect all your devices to your Google Account again.


In Microsoft account, it is relatively easy. If you are using a Windows 8.1 PC or a Windows Phone 8.1 device, you probably have done this before as Microsoft nags you to do it. Under the account settings, go to Security and Password Page, where there is a section for Two-step verification. Click on Set up two-step verification and proceed as mentioned.


Apple’s version is a bit cumbersome. You need to open your Apple ID page and for to Password and Security. Then you will have to answer two questions that you have set up when you have created your account. On the right hand side will be the option for two-step verification. You will need any two of these: your trusted Apple device, your recovery key or your Apple ID password. Read through the instructions carefully as they will tell you how things will change from then on and that you cannot reset your password. If you are alright with those, you can keep clicking continue and proceed.


For Yahoo, you need to go to this page: https://edit.yahoo.com/commchannel/sec_chal_manage.
All you need to do is add a phone number to your account and a code will be sent to your phone. You will have to enter the code in the box and proceed.


On Facebook’s account security settings, look for Login Approvals. This is not available in all regions yet. If you find it, then check “Require a security code to access my account from other browsers”. Click on Save Changes. This will open a pop-up that will allow you to send a code to your phone and you can add that to your Facebook account.


On Twitter, go to Twitter account settings and click on “Send login requests to my phone”. Scroll down and save the changes. From the Twitter app’s settings page, go to account and then security. Turn on login verification and you will get a backup code. From now on, all Twitter logins are needed to be allowed from this page on the app.