Samsung has just launched the Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung has just launched the Galaxy S7, and it is set to hit stores by next month. The device is a beautiful specimen having cutting edge specifications and a luring metal-glass build design. However, as per looks, you might think that is this déjà vu? However, hold on, wise men have said not to judge a book by its cover. So let’s take a quick look at what the Galaxy S7 has to offer.

About the Samsung Galaxy 7 phone:

 The Design

The Galaxy S7 has a design language similar to the Galaxy S6, but it does look a bit refined and polished. The back of the phone has a noticeable curve, which makes the phone quite comfortable in the hand.

However, if you are not a big fan of Samsungs the design of the S7 will be quite indistinguishable from the S6 though there are some variations. First of the all, the bump for the back camera aperture has been minimized, and the front home button is a bit more in tune with the device.

  • Expandable Memory

Again the S6 is going to water and dust resistance like one of its predecessors, the Galaxy S5 (don’t know why the S6 didn’t have it). Again the S6 will get a micros SD card slot which the S6 didn’t. It appears as if Samsung is making Galaxy S7 to aspire to compensate all of S6’s lacks.

  • The Display

Now if we take a look at the display, then it packs the same AMLOED screen with a quad HD resolution. The screen size is 5.1 inches in size and taking all these into consideration the Galaxy S7 is going to deliver a great viewing experience.

Samsung has also given an extra feature that will take the advantage of the brilliant screen. The “Always on display” as they are calling it, does as it is advertised and you can customize it so that it shows you the time, a quick calendar and a personalized image.

  • Processor Cooling

Moreover, there is something fun for all the gamers. The Galaxy S7 has a copper pipe right beside the processor which contains water. This small quantity of water will keep on condensing and keep the processor cool under heavy loads. 

  • The Camera

Regarding the camera, the primary shooter is going to have a lesser megapixel camera at just 12MP (the S6 had 16MP), but with a f/1.7 aperture, the images should come out crisp and colorful. Again due to the aperture, the camera is going to do astoundingly well in low-lit conditions. 

  • Battery

The battery has also gotten a bump and is now expected to be at least 3000mAh. Quick charging is also supported and the phone, as claimed by the company, will charge up to 83% in 30 minutes. Hopefully, this will help the device last for a full working day or two.

  • The User Interface

Now if we recall the LG G5, it didn’t have any app drawer. Samsung might just have liked that idea and has now included an option which can allow you to remove the app drawer and have all the apps in the home screen instead. Besides this the Galaxy S7 is going to run their TouchWiz UI as with all of Samsung mobile devices.



The device is set to hit the market sometime in the 2nd week of March 2016. It is going to be accompanied by its elder brother, the Galaxy S7 Edge, which has a 5.5-inch screen with a “dual curve Edge” display.

Now bout the pricing the S7 should is said to cost the same as the S6 when it was launched. So we are looking at a price tag of something around 850 USD. The phone is undoubtedly going to be a great addition to the Galaxy line. Is the Samsung Galaxy S6 wasn’t enough for you and was disappointed for the lack of Micro SD card support, less power and water resistant, then the S7 is what you have been waiting for?