5 Ways To Use Your Old Cell Phone

Most of us have at least one old cell phone lying around that we just aren’t using. Instead of simply allowing it to gather dust, make use of one of these tips to benefit from the old device:

1. Sell It

Depending on the age and condition of the phone, you can sell it to a local pawn shop to get a few extra dollars to put in your back pocket. Alternatively, advertise it on an internet buying and selling site to get the best price for your old device.

You will need to make sure that the cellphone is in good working order and that you have a functioning charger before you can sell it. Also make sure that you delete any personal information, passwords and contacts from the phone before selling it.

2. Give It Away

If you don’t have a friend or family member who can make use of the old phone, look for websites where you can donate it to someone in need. Charity websites for veterans are always in need of all different types of donations and will find a someone who needs your old cellphone.

3. Recycle It

If your phone is no longer working or beyond repair, you can’t simply throw it in the trash. All types of electronics need to be disposed of correctly to minimize hazards and to protect the environment. You can find reliable recycling providers online who may even offer you a small amount of cash for your phone.

You can also give or sell the unusable device to a cellphone repair store. These repair shops are often in need of older model phones for parts to be used in the repair of other phones.

4. Find A Dedicated Use

Cellphones have so many different applications that it is easy to find a new and dedicated use for it. Purchase a docking station with speakers and use the phone as a music player. Keep the phone next to your bed to replace your alarm clock. Old phones make ideal alarm clocks as you can set more than one alarm and you can choose different times to wake up each day.

Store all your games on the old phone, freeing up storage space on your current device and use it solely for gaming. This an especially good idea if you have kids who constantly want to play on your mobile phone. Use one of the many downloadable apps and turn your old phone into a remote control, surveillance camera or a digital photo frame.

5. A Backup Device

Always running low on battery on your current phone? Use you old phone as a backup device when you need it most. Simply slide your sim card out of your existing phone and into the old model and you have a few more hours of battery life. Remember to keep it charged so that it will always be available for use when your current phone dies.