6 Best Flashlight App For Android With Minimal Permission

Flashlights are quite useful for the Smartphone users. But, if you are one of the power users, the default flashlight app for Android Lollipop just doesn’t stand out. Even if you are using the previous version of Android, you will find the best flashlight app for android useful and more powerful compared to the default one.

With the best flashlight, you will get the best of your smartphone battery. The third-party developers surely provide the necessary modification to the flashlight and provide you a better user experience.

There are also controversies that flashlights take more permissions over the smartphone and some are also reported for stealing user information. The apps that we are going to list here are free from the kind of violations and offer best flashlight experience with minimal permissions required.

Best Flashlight App For Android

1. Color Flashlight

flashlight app

Color Flashlight is a free flashlight app designed to act minimally under the hood. But, that doesn’t make it feature-less. The app is full of features and you can use the backlight provided on your smartphone through this app.

You can also use the app from the screen. It offers various flashlight shapes and color and you will surely enjoy it. The only drawback is the advertisement feature, but that’s necessary for them to survive.


2. Smart Flashlight

2-smart-flashlight - flashlight app for android

Smart Flashlight is a simple flashlight app that can help you utilize your phone’s flashlight to full advantage.

If your smartphone doesn’t have any flashlight, the app can utilize the screen for the bright light option. It also offers a simple widget for easy access — which I found extremely useful.


3. Flashlight by Simgears

3-flashlight-by-seamgers - flashlight app for android

Flashlight by Simgears is similar to the app that are listed above. But, there are few subtle differences.

The app is free to use and offers simplistic features. You can use it with the phone’s backlight and can also use it from the homepage widget.

So, where is the difference? The main difference is how app recognizes different states, for example, if you put the smartphone inside your pocket, the app will automatically turn off the flashlight.

Furthermore, you can customize the app appearance according to your preferences.


4. Tiny FlashLight + LED

4-tinyflash - flashlight app for android

Are you looking for more than just a flashlight? Then, Tiny Flashlight is for you. With TinyFlash light, you can control the different aspects of the flashlight. It also offers other useful features such as blinking lights, strobe light function, fun police lights simulator and morse code.

It is one of the old apps available within the app store and requires only network permission to show ads.


5. Torch

5-torch - flashlight app for android

The Torch app is an extremely simplistic app for the flashlight. It is meant to do the most basic thing, i.e., use the smartphone flashlight. It can also use the screen for lighting the surrounding.

It also requires minimalistic permission for the working and offers strobe light. The app also has no advertisement and you can use it without any intrusion.


6. TeslaLED Flashlight

6-TeslaLED - flashlight app for android

TeslaLED Flashlight is quite a name and it does stand in the market because of the developers.The same developers have also created the Nova launcher and widget locker app, and you can use it with confidence.

There is not much difference, but it do have less permission list and offers morse code and strobing. The app is 4-year-old and have seen a lot of improvement throughout the years.


Wrap Up

Flashlight apps are useful. They bring all the functionality in a single place and hence provide a centralized user experience.

But the history with flashlight apps is not good. There are many apps which take more permission to work and steal important information.  There can be many apps who take control of your camera or mic and send the information to 3rd party websites, destroying your privacy.

Many developers exploit the app permissions on Android, but Google is working on the permission front as they will introduce new app permission infrastructure in Android M. So, stay tuned for better functionality and privacy.

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