Smart PC Stick from Intel and iBall To Revolutionize Daily Life

With technology evolving on each passing day, it is not surprising on how new products or gadgets are released.

The new in the list of the gadgets or power PC’s is the Intel Compute Stick and i-Ball Splendo PC Stick. Both of them are small enough to be carried in your pants. Comparatively, they are smaller than your smartphone.

Smart PC Stick from Intel and iBall To Revolutionize Daily Life
Smart PC Stick from Intel and iBall To Revolutionize Daily Life

The need for portable systems was on the rise and both Intel and i-Ball(in association with Microsoft) released portable PC stick for the consumers. The current Indian price of the Intel Compute stick is 9,999 INR, whereas the i-Ball Splendo comes at less price of 8,999 INR.

The need for a portable PC

There are many users who are travelers and would love a completely portable solution for their multimedia and gaming needs. With the miniaturization of the processor and its associated components, it is now possible to assemble a stick PC, which can hold power enough to handle the different aspects of the computing for normal users including gaming or multimedia.

What’s behind the Intel Compute Stick?

Intel Compute Stick comes with either a Windows 8.1 or Ubuntu loaded into it. On the hardware front, it comes with quad-core atom processor and 2 GB of DDR3 RAM. For graphics purpose, the compute stick uses HD Graphics. To store some basic files and media, it offers 32 GB of internal storage.

Intel Compute Stick
Intel Compute Stick

To make sure that the device is not limited with the internal storage, it offers a microSD slot for easy expansion of storage. Other than storage capacity, communication features are also good. It offers Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 port, Bluetooth 4.0 and an HDMI 1.4a port for easy connectivity with the television set.

What’s cooking behind the iBall Splendo?

With a lower price point, iBall splendo do offer a better choice compared to Intel Compute Stick.

iBall Splendo
iBall Splendo

The iBall Splendo is similar to hardware specs compared to Intel Compute Stick. Currently, it offers  atom quad core processor, 2GB of RAM  and 32 GB of internal storage.

Similar to compute stick, it does offer HDMI port and inbuilt graphics card for better visual display. All the communication ports are similar to that of Computer stick and there is no difference between them apparently.

Which one to choose?

With a one year of warranty and low price point, iBall Splendo do carry an advantage over the Compute stick. Both the PC sticks are portable and have the same hardware specifications.

If you are looking for saving money, the iBall Splendo is, of course, the better choice. For any reason, you are comfortable to go with Intel Brand, you can invest 1,000 INR more and choose the Intel Compute Stick.

Over To You

The technology is going portable, and that’s why these PC sticks are making a good deal of appearance in the market. According to the both company spokesman, the need for portable devices is on the rise and they are just doing their part to fulfill the market’s demand.

Google has also launched their Asus Chromebit, which comes with Chrome OS.

The good news is the multiple players in the market and the end result is always good for the consumers.

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