Zeblaze Rover SmartWatch Review

The current generation of smartwatches are lacking a lot in terms of design, features and other functionalities that can make you consider buy a smartwatch. But, may be your wait is over as today, I am going to review the Zeblaze Rover Smartwatch.

The smartwatch looks both high-tech and aesthetic in nature. And, if you think that Apple Smartwatch is way beyond the price-point, then you are right. The features of Apple Smartwatch are not worth the price as you can get the same feature set in Zeblaze Smartwatch.

Zeblaze Rover SmartWatch Review : A decent watch for an amazing price

The first thing that you will notice about the smartwatch is its aesthetic value. It looks great and at the same time provides a sturdy feel.

Zeblaze Rover SmartWatch Review

Appearance and Build Quality

Premium Leather band has been used for creating the Zeblaze Rover. With toughened OGS panel, the screen of the smartwatch is excellent and durable.

The overall look and feel of the smartwatch is excellent and provides great choice for anyone who is looking to use it for any purpose including official, party and other places.

Connectivity With Smartphone

The main purpose of the smartwatch is to give you a succinct user experience compared to a smartwatch. It includes many features and one of the main feature is connectivity with smartphone. The smartphone works great with iPhone users and Android. For a better experience, the smartwatch users can use Android, which supports taking photos as an additional feature.

Other than taking photos from your smartwatch, the user can listen to music, watch photos and discover new emails direct from the smartwatch screen.


To further enhance the user experience, the user can use push message on popular apps such as Twitter, WatsApp, Gmail and much more. This makes sure that you are connected with your friends and peers.

Other Features Worth Mentioning

The smartwatch is still evolving, but there are many features that makes Zeblaze Rover unique and worth the price. Let’s go through the main features one by one.

Health Monitoring

With the inclusion of Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, you can control your health like never before. The Pedometer is designed to monitor your daily movements without any efforts. It can also calculate the number of steps taken by you throughout the day. With the help of pedometer, anyone can have a check on their daily health and enjoy a stress free life.

The Sedentary monitor on the other hand makes sure that you are not sitting idle on a single place. Most of our health problems arise because we choose to sit down at a single place. And, it constantly reminds you every forty minutes so that you can stand up and walk around a bit. Sleep monitoring checks how much you slept and also its intensity.

Other feature include Barometer(to check temperature) and Altimeter(to check height). Both of these functionaries are useful. The watch is also water-proof and you don’t have to worry if you get drenched in rain by mistake.

With a battery life of 72 hours and all accessories such as USB cable, battery charger are also available.

Wrap Up

The Zeblaze Rover watch is here to stay. It is affordable and full of features. The most important aspect is its aesthetic value. It can be used anywhere and is also water-proof. Health applications really makes it a worth try watch. With current generation professional giving less and less time to their health, its not time for the technology to take care of them.