Hide My IP Review: Anonymously Browse the Internet

You are not alone online and that be both scary and blessing.

With so many users online, there is always a chance that someone is spying on your, taking note of every single click. And, now this is really scary.

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Hide My IP Review: Anonymously Browse the Internet

Why Privacy Is Important?

Privacy is an important part of anyone’s life, it can be both offline or online. Non-tech people are the most victimized of online identity theft and that’s why to protect you from any online thefts, I am going to review the Hide My IP VPN service.

Hide My IP VPN Service

As mentioned by me in the earlier comment, Hide My IP is a VPN service that protects your online identity by hiding the IP address of  the machine. IP address is a unique address assigned to your machine and anyone with this knowledge can grab more information through different databases that are available online. It can be your favorite site or a dating site, no one can tell from where the theft is going to take place.

The 256-bit OpenVPN Encryption Protocol

To make sure that you do not lose important information and identity, you can use Hide My IP VPN service, which uses OpenVPN protocols of 256-bit encryption strength. The strength can strong and will prevent any hacker or spying agency to take your personal information.

What are the other Benefits?

There are many other benefits of using Hide My IP VPN service. Other benefits include browsing a website that are banned in your area. The banning can be done by your ISP for following some protocol. But, you do not have to worry as you can easily get grab you coke and visit the blocked website. And, the good thing about this is the fact that nobody knows that you are accessing blocked websites.

With the need for access, the service can really help the travellers, who travel to new countries on weekends. This can seriously hamper their online presence and there comes the role of Hide My IP. It can be used in different countries without thinking much. It is analogous to plug and play. You are now anonymous on the internet, browsing it according to your will.

Boost Your Internet Presence

With so many features already mentioned, I would love to add one more. The service can actually boost your online presence. ISP slow speeds are mainly because of the routing. With Hide My IP, you can easily re-route your access to the internet, improving you chances to boost your internet download speeds. It can also improve the website loading speed improving the online browsing experience.


The Hide My IP service is compatible with all the current devices and their operating system. It runs equally well on Android, iOS and others — you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues. If you are thinking of trying the service, then you can easily do so by using the free version of Hide My IP.

The free version consists of a limited number of IP choices and if you really want to explore your online freedom, you can try the full version for just $29.95.

Review Rating: 4.7/5