Download and Install Android M on Nexus

The latest Google I/O 2015 have seen a lot of new announcement and the biggest one of them is the announcement of Android M, the latest Android Operating System. With more than the 85% mobile devices run using the Android Operating System, the release of Android M late in Q3 this year can change how we use Android smartphones.

Have Nexus Smartphone and don’t want to wait on Android M feels and behave? Then, you are in luck as Google has released an Android M version for the nexus devices. Today, we will go through an in-depth tutorial on how to install Android M on the latest Nexus devices.

Download and Install Android M on Nexus

Note: Backup Your Device Before Making any changes. The preview is currently available on four devices, Nexus 5,6,9 and Google Nexus Player.

Download and Install Android M on Nexus

Installing Android Studio Preview

To install Android M, you need to download the latest Android Studio Preview. Install the Android Studio Preview and you are done.

The installation of Android Studio preview also installs ADB and fast boot programmers that are important for installing Android M on your Google Nexus Device.

Adding SDK folder PATH

1. Right Click on My Computer and go to Properties.

2. Once you are in Properties, Click on Advanced System Settings.

3. Next, go to System Properties and then Advanced. Now click on Environment Variables.

4. Next click on Path> Edit and enter the directory path of the SDK into the entry. Make sure it is separated with a semi-colon.

Enable USB Debugging

1. Pick up your mobile, go to settings > about phone > Software information to enable USB debugging.

2. Tap on the Build Number seven times in a row.

3. Next go to Settings > Developers Options and tick USB Debugging to turn it on.

Downloading the Appropriate Factory Image for Your Device

Nexus 5 — Android M

Nexus 6 — Android M

Nexus 9 — Android M

Nexus Player — Android M

Install Android M on Your Device

With half of the work done, the last step includes flashing the image into the device. Follow the steps to complete the process.

1. Download the image and extract the image into your computer.

2. Once done, connect the nexus device to your computer using the USB.

3. Next step includes starting the device in fast boot mode.

How to Boot Device in FastBoot Mode

1. To power on the device in fast boot mode, hold three buttons at the same time, the volume up, volume down and power buttons keys.

2. Open ADB Tool Terminal, and type: adb reboot bootloader. You might have to unlock the bootloader using the fastboot OEM unlock

Once in the terminal, go to the location where the image zip is located.

Run the flash-all.bat in the unzipped image file and wait for few minutes. The flash-all.bat will install all the necessary tools for proper installation. Make sure that you have added the SDK PATH before doing this step.

Last step includes booting into the device using the command: fastboot oem lock. 

And, you are done! Give time for the operating system to install and post the pictures online for your friends.

Wrap Up

Hope, you are enjoying the Android M. You might find a lot of bugs but remember that it is just a preview and not the final version.

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