Apple iPad Pro Release Date, Rumors and More

Do you remember the glorious Apple iPad? if you don’t then don’t blame yourself as the sale of the iPad have decreased for the five straight quarters.

The decline of sale can be linked to lack of innovation from Apple Gaint. But, their new iPad Pro can be the saviour in the tough times. The competition is getting tough and with the advent of Chinese companies such as Xiaomi, the market is changing drastically in the past one year.

Finding info about Apple iPad Pro or Plus is not tough on the internet as everyone is coming up with rumors that make the next gen iPad a leap forward. So, why the wait? Let’s start our list of rumor mill about Apple iPad Pro(Plus).


Would you love a bigger and better screen? What about 12.9-inch touchscreen? The chances of the next iPad having a gigantic screen being speculated by Apple Insider theorizers.

Apple iPad Pro Release Date, Rumors and More


NFC has yet to see the sunlight with iPad products. The release of NFC capability has already taken its place in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, but it has yet to debut itself in the iPad series. Paying through iPhone is slowly being used widespread.

The next version of iPad could have NFC capabilities.

The Power of Touch

The portable devices are all about touch. Apple iPad Pro will see much better Force Touch. Force Touch is designated to take pressure sensitivity into the account, creating a new level of touch experience.

The device is also rumored to come with Stylus which will also feature pressure sensitivity.

Announcement and Release Dates

The release dates are scheduled are guessable for most of the part. The reason is the past history of new product releases by Apple, which takes place around October or November. But, there is a keynote that is scheduled to run from June 8 to 12 in San Fransico. Will Apple release more information about the Apple iPad? We only have to wait for now.

Apple iPad Pro Release Date, Rumors and More


The latest Mac books have seen the rise of universal USB-C port and the internet gave it a mixed reaction. The USB-C port is a universal port and can act as DisplayPort, USB, Power, VGA and HDMI.

The next version of the iPad can see the USB-C port bringing more better design to the iPad with a less cluttered potholes around. The use of USB-C port can also help connect different devices with ease. Devices such as keyboards, external monitors can easily be connected with the device.


Price has always been on the higher side for Apple products and the new features will not help the price to come down. With so much to offers, the price can be in the range of $100-$200 more than that of the Apple iPad Air 2.

Apple products are always in the premium tier and I will not be surprised if the price is way higher than expected.

Wrap Up

What are you expecting from the next iPad Pro product? Will be bigger or have same form factor? Let us know you viewpoint by commenting below. Also, make sure that you share the article!