Everything You Need to Know About Android M

Google and Android have been lately in the news. The latest Android M will be showcased in the upcoming I/O keynote this month. The Android M is in the news for all the good reasons — with hints that Google is going to focus more on the “Android for Work”.

The Android M is mainly targeted at Workplace and many are speculating, how it will revolutionize the future for the workplace, opening million opportunities for Google to access more users around the whole day.


There is no surprise in the fact that Google used the letter, “M” — Google has been using the alphabetic order for the previous iterations of Android. Prime examples would be HoneyComb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat, lollipop and now Melons? Marshmallow? Milk? or something cheezy and different this time? Only time can tell what is going to happen.

Android Lollipop has successfully been implemented to 10% of the total Android device on the market. With the transition of the latest offering, Android M can really take off.

Security Enhancements

Android Lollipop did improve in security, but there is still a room for improvement in the security area.

Google has finally listened to the Android users who were asking for securing the operating system with enhanced privacy. According to reports, the Android M operating system is more concerned about permissions that are given to the app during installation and if you are a current android user then you know that there are no options to modify how the apps permissions work.

With the Android M, users can choose the permissions that they want to give to the apps.

Design Enhancements

Android Lollipop saw the introduction of the material design and Android M might improve on the base of Android Lollipop, i.e., Material Design. There has been a viral unofficial concept video on Android M animation and interface. Check it below to get a grasp on how the future of Android will be.

Notification Improvements

The I/O keynote has an improvement session listed. The hints that the notification will be improved gives a sigh of relief for the bugs that notification always carried. With unified notification on the table, chances are that you will only see one notification on one device over connected devices on your home and workplace.

Battery Performance and Tooling

Android smartphone have serious battery problems. With the Android Battery and Tooling session, chances are that they will be improved. The session will also help developers to make their app use a minimal battery.

Android Wear

Android have come a long way, but it is still lacking fire in the Android Wear Department. The Android M can finally deliver the OS for the wear technology and come closer to the Apple Watch, which has reportedly sold more than one million units lately.

Google Cloud Messaging 3.0 and Voice Access

Google might come up with their new message notification platform. They are also planning for make user experience without tapping on the smartphone, i.e. all voice access. This can improve user experience and improve productivity in many cases.

Integrating SkyBox

Google bought Skybox, a satellite imaging company for $500 million and they are planning to integrate SkyBox into their latest Android M.

Wrap Up

Android ‘M’ do look promising. The inclusion of Skybox, Voice Access, battery usage improvements, notifications and others gives a positive vibe of what has to come in the future.

So, what’s your take on the Android M? Which fruit name you would want the next Android named after? Comment below and let us know!

Image Courtesy: Google