Facebook Launched Hello App, A Smart Way to Block Unwanted Calls

Facebook loves innovation and making people life better. And the recent release of Hello app for the Android OS, provides a great product for making the life a little better.

The Hello app from Facebook is a new caller ID and Blocker app, that integrates well with both the Android calling UI and the Facebook information. The seamless integration makes the functionality of the caller much better. Now, you can easily block anyone with the hello app.


Other features provided with the Hello are the showcasing of who is calling and searching for places and people. The Hello ID Caller and Blocker will not be able to make its debut for the iOS people, as Apple denied the launch of the App. The conflict occurred because of the privileges that the Hello app required for work properly and Apple iOS platform cannot afford to provide the access to the information. So, now the Hello app is for Android only.


So, what advantages it gives you over normal caller? The access to information regarding the identity of the caller is revealed with the help of the facebook database. The only pre-requisite is that the person who is calling can only be identified if he/she has shared the phone number publicly. If the phone number is not public, then the hello app cannot identify the caller.

You can also get basic information such as the birthday or other trivial information displayed on the screen. This will help you plan what to speak to the caller. A great way to surprise people indeed.

Other than the calling feature, you can choose to use the app to find people and place located near you. Again, the information is solely based on the public information on people and places and Facebook do not infringe privacy in any way whatsoever.


With this, businesses will be only a few minutes away from being searched. You can also search for restaurants to eat too, search movie plex to watch movies and more.

All the above features are seamlessly integrated with this amazing looking app. But, I was not able to use it because my Micromax Yureka is not supported by the application. There are also restrictions on the countries supported and with time, the app will probably remove all the restrictions that are put in place. I also hope that Facebook or Apple make necessary changes to their own platform such that this amazing Caller ID and blocker can be used by Apple users also.

The future of the application do looks strong as this is the first version of the app that has been released. The app is backed by facebook fast and agile development team and let’s hope they bring tons of new features in the application.

Wrap Up

What do you think about the Hello App? Does the name suit the application? I think, its just perfect, but what about you? Comment below and let us know.

You can download the Hello App from here.

Image Courtesy: Facebook Blog.