5 Best Task Manager Android

Android is a rich mobile operating system, it offers great UI, functionality and offers a great experience for its users. But, it does have components or features that can be improved. One of those features is task manager — the earlier version of Android operating system quite didn’t quite made the cut. The latest Android JellyBean and Lollipop has an interesting Task manager, capable of doing great things.

But, if you are interested in a task manager that offers different UI and other sets of features, then we are going to list the 5 Best Task Manager Android.

5 Best Task Manager Android For Your Apps

 1. Task Manager(Task Killer)

task manager android

Worried about dead apps that are still running in the background? even after you are not using them? Then, Task Manager is for you. It monitors the background apps and kill the apps that are not running in the foreground, freeing the memory for other apps and the operating system.

This completely automates the app killing process, saving a lot of time for people with busy schedule. The app is free of cost.


2. Zapper Task Killer and Manager


A great Task Manger for Android device that utilizes the same principles as that of Task Killer and offers an easy way to zap the non-running apps on your smartphone. The most distinctive feature of the app is a single swipe of all the non-running apps.

Using Zapper can easily improve your Android OS speed. It also takes care of apps that are running in background and zap them to free resources.

The app is free of cost.


3. ES Task Manager(Task Killer)

5 Best Task Manager Android For Your Apps

ES is popular for their file Manager, but they have a great presence in the Task Manager as well. Currently, the ES Task Manager is being used by more than 10 million users and the vast amount of users do tell them the story of this great application.

The application has a variety of uses including the file manager, root explorer, and task manager and this partially answers its huge user base. It also offers some great benchmark features that can be utilized to gauge the performance of the task manager.


4. ToDoList Task Manager Pro


Productivity is one of the most sought skill among the youth right now. With ToDoList Task Manager Pro, you can easily build up your ToDoList and create powerful reminders for you daily task. It also includes a Task Manager, which is evident from the name itself.

The app is highly customizable and can be used according to user preferences. With great User Interface, users can find themselves at home and navigate through most of the functionality with ease.

The app also offers other unique features such as snooze alarm, calendar month view and more. The app is available for only $4.99.


5. GTask: To-Do-List & Task List


If you are looking for an alternative to ToDoList Task Manager Pro, then the GTask is for you. It offers a lot of features including syncing with Google Task and creating To-Do list for your work. Just like ToDoList it offers reminder settings.

You can also share your To-Do List with your friends.

The app is free of cost.


Wrap Up

Task Managers are necessary to completely control your smartphone. The array of task managers available in the Android Marketplace is astonishing and we choose the best 5 Task Manager Android.

So, which task manager you are using? Comment below and let us know.