Best 5 Free Music Apps For iPhone

iPhone is a popular smartphone for the masses. With Android throwing bouncers at iPhone on the daily basis, iPhone is not budging at all. The reason behind the success of the iPhone is its brand value and the feature set that iOS offers for its users. iPhone is a costly affair, but still offers tons of options to customize your mobile experience with free apps available on its market.

Today, We will go through the Best 5 Free Music Apps for iPhone. We all love music and these free music apps for iPhone provides us a sweet deal for music lovers.

So, why the wait? Let’s start the countdown of 5 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone.

1. Concert Vault

Concert Vault - Free Music Apps for iPhone

Concert Vault is one of those little gems that every music lover will want. The app aggregates over 4,500 concerts that have been collected for the past 60 years or so. The amazing catalog is worth a try and you will not regret any moment with the app. The only downside is the 10 hours of limited listening, after that you need to pay for their service at 48$/year(worth every penny.)


2. 8tracks Radio

8tracks Radio - Music Apps for iPhone

Another great iPhone music app is the 8tracks Radio. Why this app amazing? The reason is user-submission mixes and playlists that are made by experts for the users of the app. With such detailed work, you can easily find your best musician or singer such as Rihanna or Marron. You can also create your own mix and share it with your friends or peers or the whole world.

A great music app to have for iPhone users.


3. iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio - Music Apps for iPhone

Do you love Pandora service of building the amazing list of your liking? Then, do not worry as iTunes Radio is the perfect answer to the Pandora services. But, there is one drawback that keeps iTunes Radio not to flourish similar to Pandora services. The algorithm used by iTunes Radio is not as robust as that of Pandora and time will only get better with time.


4. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio - Music Apps for iPhone

Pandora Radio is undoubtedly the best free iPhone music app out there. The app is different from other apps on music. It works intelligently and automatically creates customized playlist according to your likings.

The recommender system has evolved a lot for the past few year and the recommendation are accurate in most cases. The app redefines personalization and creates the right playlist for the users.

Now, the drawback of the app. The free version limits the user to only 40 hours of free music/month. In many cases, it can suffice for light users but heavy music users will not be pleased with the limitation. The paid version starts at 0.99$ and ranges to $4.99.


5. Scrobbler from

Scrobbler from - Music Apps for iPhone

If you are looking for an alternative to Pandora with unlimited song skipping and no time limit for listening songs, then Scrobbler is for you. The app works similarly to the Pandora and offers a great alternative to the paid services of Pandora app.

The app is my personal favorite. The only drawback of this app is its slow buffering.


Wrap Up

There are tons of other music apps available in the iOS marketplace, but the music apps that are discussed here are the best of them. They are free, personalized and offer great music taste.

So, which music app is your favorite? Comment below and let us know!