5 Best Android Alarm Clock To Wake You Up At Time

Last day, I was so tired that I woke up 2 hours late than my scheduled wake-up. I was stunned and literally shaken that I have no time left to dress up and go to the office. That’s one scenario, I do not want myself to be in and I bet you also do not want to put yourself in this position as well.

We all have Android smartphone and they offer some of the best Android Alarm Clock that lets you be schedule and also keep the boss or the wife happy(I am not kidding). Everyone around us has at least one Android smartphone lying around. With 80% of the OS market share captured, discussing the best android alarm clock list is a great activity for me and my readers.

Let’s start with the best Android Alarm Clock list, where I will handpicked some of the free/paid android clock – powerful enough to wake you up from sleep.

1. I Can’t Wake Up

License: Free/Paid

best android alarm clock

An innovate way to approach sleeping people and make them give up their dreams and come to reality. The app has a decent user interface. The app works with the simple philosophy of giving you a math problem. If the math problem is solved, the alarm will go off, otherwise it will keep beeping. It also offers solving puzzles or matching colors. The app has another amazing feature that lets you open up any app on your smartphone after you solve the problem

The paid version has remove ads.

Download: I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm

2. Alarmy

License: Free/Paid

best android alarm clock

With great ideas come great responsibilities. The developers of Alarmy sure know how to make someone wakeup. The idea is to take a picture of a pre-defined place in your house and if the picture is taken then only you can wake up. Otherwise, it won’t stop buzzing. The idea can easily be cheated upon, so it’s wise to take a place where you want to go after waking up, like the bathroom, the terrace, and other places.

The app has a good interface. The paid version removed ads and adds support for developers.

Download: Alarmy

3. Timely Alarm Clock

License: Free/In-App Purchases


With challenges and great user-interface, this application has its own advantages over other alarm clocks. It has one of the shooting designs. It also has the option to turn off the alarm with a single tilt.

The app has good design and challenges to wake you up.

Download: Timely Alarm Clock

4. Life Time Alarm Clock

License: Free


Another great Android smartphone alarm clock is LifeTime Alarm clock. The alarm clock boasts a great design and has lots of annoying features to wake you up. It also has an option to set alarm clocks based on curated music.

A great alarm clock to try.

Download: Life Time Alarm Clock

5. Sleep As Android

License: Free/Paid


An alarm clock that is intelligent enough to adjust the alarm clock according to your wake-up patterns. The alarms set using the app can manipulate themselves to the right time, providing you a great set of tools for waking up.

The app also detects snoring and records sleep time for more accuracy.

Download: Sleep As Android

Wrap Up

I love Alarm clocks and when they utilize such an ingenious approach to a long-long problem of waking up, there are chances that you would love the listed best alarm clocks for Android.

Think, I missed something? Comment below and let us know..