HTC One M9

One device that really stole the show floor this year at MWC 2015 has got to be the HTC one M9. As always, HTC brought us a real looker, just like the last two years. HTC also came up with a really appropriate catch phrase: “Let them stare”!

The One M9 may look very similar to last year’s model (Also gorgeous, I might add), but things are much better under the hood. A better processor, increased RAM, a better camera and the latest version of Android. Here’s a small spec sheet for your reference:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Octa-Core (That’s 8 cores!)
  • 3GB Ram, 32GB in-built storage
  • 20MP camera with 4K video recording
  • 5.0 inch 1080P (Unfortunately) display
  • HTC BoomSound with Dolby Audio
  • 2840mAh battery
htc one m9
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The One M9 comes with HTC sense 7, the latest offering by HTC. This skin lies atop android 5.0 lollipop, and has quite a few improvements and new features. One great feature is the ability to create themes. Sense has had themes before, but this is the first time HTC has really made them personal. You can create a theme by simply choosing a picture. Sense will then identify the colors and change the accents, icons and even system sounds according to that picture. Pretty cool!

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HTC has also taken some inspiration from Yahoo’s Aviate launcher, and now features “Meal Time Bundle” (Showing local places to eat on your lock screen) and “Morning Bundle” (Which will show you news on your lock screen). Also added is a feature called Smart folders, which automatically organizes your apps for you.

One of the most important features to note in the M9 is the Camera. While the M8 and the M7 before that had decent cameras, they were nothing to write home about. With the M9, HTC has done away with the UltraPixel technology and gone with a normal 20.7MP camera. What you’ll also notice is that there’s only one sensor on the back (As opposed to the M8, which had 2) but this sensor is a whole lot bigger.

htc one m9

The rear camera has a f/2.2 27.8mm lens, and is capable of recording video in 4K resolution. But does it shoot better photos than the One M8? Well, kind of. While photos in ideal lighting look better than the previous model, low light photos are still kind of a let-down. Oh, and did I mention the camera has sapphire lens? (*Nudge Nudge*)

The One M9 features two front-facing speakers with HTC’s BoomSound technology, and this year, Dolby Audio as well. HTC claims it can recreate a 5.1 channel surround sound experience. Whatever, the speakers still are the best out of any smartphone on the market today.

htc one m9
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htc one m9
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As far as design goes, HTC have always been on top of their game. The One M9 follows suit, with an all-metal body. It has a 5 inch screen up front. However, there have been slight changes from the One M8’s design. For instance, the gently curving rear panel no longer wraps around the edges of the phone, and instead, the One M9 has flat sides and steps between the edges and the screen bezel. Theoretically, it’s a small improvement, but it makes a huge improvement as the phone now feels way less slippery than before. HTC has also sprayed a scratch resistant coating to the rear of the phone. Although it’ll not be as effective as putting a case on, it still helps.

The screen is where the One M9 falls behind, at least in my book. It boasts a 5 inch Full HD (1920X1080) display. While most other manufacturers are moving towards Quad-HD displays, HTC has stuck with Full HD. Although this may improve performance, and improve battery life, I still am used to the Gorgeous display my G3 has.

Speaking of the battery, the One M9 has a 2840 mAh battery which is a step up from last year. This should last you a whole day on a single charge.

You get bang for your buck with HTC’s One M9. The design is mature, but still as exciting as the One M8. It’s a relief to see that HTC have finally moved away from the Ultrapixel camera, and put in one which should be able to capture way more detail.

While it’s not a huge leap forward, the manufacturer has certainly made some great improvements to their flagship, which should justify you upgrading to this model.

Will you be upgrading to the HTC One M9? Let us know in the comments below!