Apple Watch Review, A Good Step Forward

I am not a big fan of watches that are driven by technology, but the changes are coming faster than I thought. The latest entry in smartwatch race is Apple Watch that looks promising. With its release, there are chances that it can conquer the open market of smart watches. The watch is not really comparable to other smartwatches, but we will try to give a great perspective on how it is different from other smartwatches in the market. And, also the watch is known as Apple watch and not I watch.

Let’s dive deep into Apple Watch Review. The good and the bad and how it fares with other smartwatches on the market.

Apple Watch Review

Jokes apart, the watch has great specs to start with. The smartwatch is available in two variations, one bigger than the other. The smaller one will be of a resolution of 272×340 and the bigger one 319×390 respectively. The smartwatch is available in three versions, the low-end versions starting at $349 to the most expensive one costing around 10,000$. The costliest smartwatch has 18 carat gold to justify its pricing.

apple-watch-trio - apple watch review

Design and Build

The smartwatch is different from Moto 360 and offers a square-shaped display at hand. The design and build quality is top-notch and its goes light on the hands as well. The watch size depends on what you choose to buy, but the general notion is same for all the watches — they fit pretty well in the hands.

If by any chance you take a shower with the watch — the watch can stand the force of water as it is waterproof and is rated IP67.


The screen of smartwatch is above average. The color reproduction is great — and offers crisp and bright screen for gathering the right attention of both the users and the people surrounding him/her. The text and the images are readable and face on the watch looks amazingly stunning.

Battery Life

Battery Life is an important factor of almost all the gadgets we use. Apple Smartwatch is no different. According to Apple, the watch will last a good 19 hours of battery life. This means using it for around one day of heavy use.. In my opinion, the battery life is slightly disappointing and can be improved. Let’s hope Apple takes note this time and comes up with great features that can elevate the company’s smartwatch into the right direction.

The App Ecosystem

Apple Watch - apple watch review

Any smartphone or smartwatch requires an active app marketplace to run successfully. Apple smartwatch is no different — they offer good inbuilt apps to start with. The standard apps that are integrated into the smartwatch are notifications, vibrate using directions, customization and much more. You can also see emails and reply to them.

Furthermore, you can protect your smartphone with a four-digit passcode, providing privacy(privacy on watches ..huh?)

The smartwatch will monitor your daily exercise routine and even bug you if you sit down for longer periods. It will also monitor heart rates and even send your heart rate to other people.


Smartwatch are nothing new — they are still evolving and Apple Smartwatch is probably a good step forward. The smartwatch(I just want to write ‘smartphone’) is sleek, attractive and provides enough functionality to give it a try.

With Apple branding, it would be wise to guess that the smartwatch is here to stay.

What’s your stake on the watch? let us know in the comments.

Image Courtesy: Stuff TV