5 Best Browser for Android

Current generation smartphones are capable of doing anything and it can also be utilized as a great browsing device on the move.

We, all love to connect to the internet and engage in capturing useful information or sharing our daily life activities. There are tons of activity that we can do on the internet. But, the basic requirement of browsing the internet other than the connection, is the browser that we use.

There is a limitation in mobile internet browsing, first the mobile hardware is not capable as that of its PC counterpart and the other is how mobile bandwidth is limited in many areas.

This results in more optimized websites and browser that can take care of the limited processing power and bandwidth. With Google Chrome soaring high on the PC browser charts, there is no doubt that it also scores highly on the mobiles as well.

Today, we will go through the browsers that can provide you fast browsing with secure settings and more functionality.

Let’s start our list of 5 best Browser for Android

5 Best Browser for Android

Google Chrome


Google Chrome is the best browser one can have for Android, but there are many features that one may want from the likes of Google. The browser is fast and secure, supports incognito mode for happy private browsing and offers the latest browser technology.

The compatibility issue with older android version is still an issue and Android users can only wait for the Google to solve it for them. The browser supports WebRTC for web based communication but lacks flash support.

Sync is possible between the PC and the mobile browser, enabling fast swapping and productivity.



Firefox has surely lost lot of numbers in comparison to Google Chrome but has not swollen in either performance or feature set. Just like chrome, it supports data sync between PC and mobile and comes with WebRTC for better communication between web applications.

Firefox comes with inbuilt ad blocker, which can enhance both your browsing experience and page load speed.

Supports tons of other features such as ‘Do not Track‘ or private mode. A great alternative to Google Chrome.

UC Browser


UC Browser is one of my favorite Android browser, which have already ranked up tons of downloads. It is one of the most popular browsers and is easily selected in our Best Browser for Android list.

The browser offers a completely unique download manager, offering an option to download multiple files at the same time. The file manager is also handy and enables quick access to the downloaded files.

Opera Mini


Opera Mini is a great browser that supports lots of features for the mobile users. It is similar to Opera in many aspects but have customization options and speed for browsing the web.

The browser supports Speed Dail, bookmarks and more. Opera Mini is famous for loading faster than other browsers n the market.



Dolphin covers most of the track from UC Browsers and has tons of download in the Google Android Marketplace.

It offers numbers of options, including options to interpret gesture-based commands. The browser is fast and sleek, but lacks desktop counterpart.


Without quality browsers, we won’t be able to use the internet efficiently. Today, I discussed the 5 Best browsers for Android, which can easily narrow down your search for the best browser on the Android market.

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