How to find your lost iPhone

This article is the 2nd post in the series How to recover your lost phone. The first post of the series, “How to find your lost Android phone” can be found here.

iPhone is a successful phone in the current market and market penetration of iPhone is quite impressive. They have penetrated in many individual lives, but many of us who lose their phone either by theft or due to careless behaviour. The reason can be anything. Today, we go through steps of tracking and finding your lost iPhone. The following step will help you to find lost iPhone or at least track them before you can get it back.

Like Google’s Android, Apple also provides services for tracking your phone. The service is known as Find My iPhone. The phone tracking needs to be switched ON, so if you have lost your phone without the phone tracking ON, then you should forget your phone(until a good-hearted Samaritan comes and return your phone to you). If you haven’t lost your phone yet, the first thing that you should do is activate the tracking on your iPhone. This is the first step to find lost iPhone.

Enabling the tracking is easy, you need to go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone. Tick the switch so that it shows green marker.

Just like Android, you need to install the Find My iPhone app on to another iPhone or iPad. The app can also be used using the browser. The following steps goes through the steps to find lost iPhone.

1. Download and Install the “Find My iPhone” app on your mobile device (iPhone or iPad). or go to the online web app iCloud.

2. Login into your iCloud account. The iCloud account must be the same account that is registered with your phone.

find lost iPhone

Once you are logged in, all the Apple devices will be listed. Choose the device that is lost and the location will be shown to you.

The app provides lots of options to the user; it also has options to ring the phone so that it can be found out, if in the vicinity. There are other options as well, such as Erase iPhone, Lost Mode, Play Sound. All the modes are described below:

Play Sound: This option is for finding your device if it is in the nearby location or in the office or colleague house.

Lost Mode: The phone can be locked by using the lost mode. If you are sure that the phone is lost, generate the 4-digit password to lock the device. If you already have the password, you can proceed to lock the device without generating the password. Once the device is locked, it becomes useless for the thief.

Furthermore, in Lost mode you can choose to deliver a phone number and a message on the display of the device. This will enable you to persuade someone to return your phone.

Erase iPhone: The last option is deleting all the data in your iPhone. There can be many reasons for doing so. This deletes all the sensitive data found on your phone.

Warning: You won’t be able to trace your iPhone, once you choose to erase all data from your iPhone.