How to find your lost Android phone

The smartphones have evaded our life faster than we may have wanted. Our life is completely transformed with the advent of technology. But, what about the negatives that it carry? We all love our gadgets, but what happens when they are lost?

Today, we will go through the tools and techniques that will help you find lost Android Phone. Android phones are capturing market faster than any other operating system in the market. There are chances that it will reach 85% of the market share by 2020. The prediction seems convincing and downright correct if you carefully analyze the current market. But, with good comes evil. There are chances that you have lost your beloved Android Phone either by mistake or the phone is stolen.

So, you have lost your android phone? Don’t worry! The current technology has enough amendments for such events. Android phone comes along with Android Device Manager, a service by Google that easily tracks your phone and stores the data in the database. Once, you have lost your phone(if you haven’t then please still read the article :)), head to the Android Device Manager on the internet or just download the app from the google app stores. The app can be installed on other Android device.

Once, you login for the first time, you will be greeted by the following information.

find lost android phone

Do not try to retrieve the mobile yourself as the thief can be armed and the device location is approximate, rendering your efforts useless. It would be futile to jump into the hunt. Relax and let the law enforcement handle the case.

Your Android device tracking is on by default. So, you just need to head to Android Device Manager and follow the below instructions.

1. Login into your gmail account which is registered with your android device.

2. The android device will be listed on the top left corner of the window. There is a drop-down list for choosing from multiple devices. Use the drop-down menu, if the lost phone doesn’t come up by defeult.

Once the device is chosen, its location will be shown. From here, you can choose three different actions: Lock, Ring and Erase.

The Lock Option

By choosing the lock option; you are locking your phone remotely. This can bring your device useless for the thief.

1. Once you choose the lock option, a popup will surface, asking you to enter a new password. You can then finish by clicking or tapping on the confirm button. Alternatively, you can choose to enter a recovery message with your current or landline phone number. The message will reach the person who has the phone and alert them about the loss, so that they can reach you back.

2. To complete the process, click lock again and the device is remotely locked.

The Ring option

Clicking the ring option will make your device ring. This option is useful if you phone is nearby or in your acquaintance place.

The Erase option

The Erase option is a dangerous one; it erases everything on your phone remotely and once you do it, there is no option left to retrieve your phone back. Only choose this option, if you are sure that there is no way to get your phone back.

Apart from the options, you can choose to view where the phone currently is. This can be done by clicking on the GPS icon on the top-right of the window. This option can only be used if the location access is enabled on your device.

If you follow all the above step; you can come closer your android phone or even retrieve it in days. We hope that you get back your phone in mint condition. Best of luck!

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