10 reasons to Root your android device

There will always will be some users who long for more freedom and they seek it at everything. More freedom means more choice, more options to teak. But there are also some users who like to keep things at the stock beauty. They choose clean and simple things that has limited options instead of the messy super advantage they could. Some are willing to take the risk if its worth it. Rooting your android device is sort of like this. Although it is entirely your decision to take the most out of technology with a slight security risk.

From the beginning of smart phone, power users have been finding ways to achieve more from the stock devices. Since 2007 when the first iPhone was released, hackers were trying to outwit the software limitations, which resulted in iOS jailbreak. And at 2008 when android was first released, it was open source; keeping the same concept in head. But as business started to creep in they tried to lock down certain features so that they can charge extra for that service! One example might be firmware like OmniROM or CyanogenMod that offers features for free that is usually charged by the carriers such as tethering. At the moment Android, even though being open source is restricted in many sectors and doesn’t offer complete user control, mostly due to protect the device from its owner’s overdoing anything. While this is for the greater good, with proper instruction, smart users can easily get the advantages of rooting.

Now Rooting is actually gaining root level access to the device. If you are a Linux user you might know about it already. Rooting actually gives you complete control of everything in the device. The only limiting factor is the hardware capability of your device. Below we have indicated all the reasons for which you should root your device.17r3gin6qjr5dpng

Hardware Overclocking or Underclocking:
Android due to based on Java it requires more hardware resources than iOS due to garbage collection of Java. For this reason most of the android device comes with fairly capable hardware. But is locked by the software on it. By rooting you can easily overclock the processor for a smoother operating experience or you can underclock your CPU for better battery life.

Activating Unavailable or hidden features:
By Rooting you have the absolute authority to enable a wide variety of features might be hidden or unavailable on your phone. If its hardware is capable you can install any carrier blocked apps, get the latest features from Android, make incompatible apps compatible, emulate exclusive features etc.

Wide variety of Apps:
Most of the advanced system care related app from android requires to root the device. You can control the firewall, enable gesture control. Apps like clean master, droidwall, or GMDgesture control requires to root your device first.

Back Up your phone:
Rooting enables you to keep a complete system back up, that can be used for easy transition of the system. If for any reason you want to go back to the stock system. keeping a complete back up will restore to the previous condition with just some simple steps.

Flash custom ROM:
Right now OmniROM is working on a ROM that is fully integrated with voice command. This will allow you to control everything just by using voice command. Flashing to custom will also allow you to upgrade to the newest version of android. So if you want all these features, than you will have to Root.

No advertisements anymore:
Ads are sometimes become so much annoying that some users seeks ads free premium apps. A simple ad block plus can easily block all the apps, that requires root to get the admin power to do that accurately.

Uninstall the Pre-installed Bloatwares:
Rooting lets you uninstalled all the unnecessary pre-installed apps on the device which are usually not easy to uninstall with admin power. Software like titanum backup can uninstall this bloatware and save some precious space.

Activating features from other Brand:
This another interesting advantage that you can use by rooting. You can easily add features that is not available on your cheaper brand but on some other pricy brand like LG’s knock on features from XDA Developers. The choice is now completely yours.

Customize everything:
By rooting you can change the laucher, icon or live wallpaper. You can also change every other little features like, your touch keyboard, the scrolling speed etc.

Because you are capable:
Rooting represents your true nature. You are capable of owning your device, so why not do it? You paid for it, so why not take the most from it? Manufacturers can’t hold you back. Rooting will finally make you the real owner of the device.