All you need to know about the Nokia N1

Nokia has returned from ashes with the introduction of Nokia N1. The tablet is an entry into the Android market and an attempt to enter already lost tablet market.

But, even with negative connotations, the tablet fans have much to rejoice. The tablet has some powerful specs to go with and currently targets the mid-range market.

Let’s go with the features one by one:


Design prospects are clever and nicely managed, but there are a lot of controversies on how they copied from another device. Keeping that fact in mind, the tablet still delivers amazing display.


The tablet resembles Apple tablet. Every single pixel from Apple tablet matches with Nokia and this is quite embarrassing to be honest. Nokia has already failed and there is not denying that they want to cash in the already popular Apple popularity of the tablet. Still, the end result is an amazing display that is surely going to catch few eyes.

The device weighs around 318 grams and is 6.9mm thick. Albert, all the copying factor, the design still gives a premium finish and its a lot to expect from a mid-range device.

Operating System

Wondered what happened to Nokia Symbian? Neither we do. For good, Nokia has used Android 5.0 Lollipop. In addition, Nokia Z launcher is readily available through Google Play Store. The Nokia Z launcher helps users to easily navigate through the data using finger swiping.

According to experts, there are issues with Nokia Z player and will need further improvements and bug fixes.

Nokia N1 Camera and Performance

Nokia N1 sports a handsome 8 mp camera which is quite good compared to iPad mini 3. For selfie-lovers, the news just gets better. The front camera is an amazing 5 mp. The front camera can also be used for making video calls using skype or other popular video transmission app.

The device is powered by a 2.4 GHz quad-core Intel Atom Z3580 processor. The processor is a 64-bit processor. The device sports a 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

The device doesn’t have any card slot, which is quite of disappointment to be true and brings the tablet all the wrong attention.

Battery and Screen

The tablet carries a 5300mAh battery, very powerful and lasts a long 9 hr under heavy usage. This can be quite tricky and is still not verifiable. We are waiting for tablet review, then only it can be verified.

The display of the tablet is quite impressive. It sports a massive resolution of 2048 x 1536. The display resolution is also similar to Apple iPad. The display is coated with anti-glare material which works perfectly under harsh bright lights.

Price and Availability

The device will see the day of the light in Feb. 2015 and will cost around $249 only. Currently, there isn’t much information about the availability of the device in European and North American markets.



Nokia N1 surely looks promising and for the price of just $249, it can give Apple iPad mini 3 a tough time. Strategically, the device can easily bring the Apple iPad price down as the consumers will be tempted to buy the Nokia N1 over the Apple tablet.