The Nexus 6: Largest screen smartphone with the latest Android

We all thought that the Nexus series is done for Google. They are not going to make any more models. But the Nexus 6 proved everything wrong, the Nexus 6 has largest 6inches display that is probably the biggest for any phablet until now. The new Nexus 6 is curved on its back and feels good holding in one hand but certainly it’s not a phone that you are supposed to use in one hand. So one hand users have a bad news! This is a seriously huge phone. If you thought that the Samsung galaxy note 4 is the biggest you are ever going to see, than you are wrong. This device is bigger in length, width and sadly also in thickness. Think of it like a mobile device that fits into pocket and feels good when browsing internet.

Body Design:
The body design is better than the previous models. The word “nexus” is now engraved on the back of the body with metal looking material that looks great. The design is taken from Motorola and it’s a completely bendgate free aluminum body. So don’t worry about bending your Nexus 6 while it’s inside your pocket. Like we said before the body is curved on the back side. So the thickness of this device varies from the sides to the middle. At the sides of the body it has a thickness of only 0.15inches and the middle part is about 0.39inches, which is about 2.5 times of the contoured sides. The length is 6.22inches and the width is 3.15 inches.


The display is almost 6 inches Quad HD display that can show images at a massive 1440×2560 resolution with crispy brightness. The display used in the Nexus 6 is probably the biggest screen made for smartphone yet. The pixel per inch is 493. The new Android 5.0 Lollipop given with it fills the screen with incredibly smooth animation and bright images, which feels so great when you use that you’ll soon forget the amount of price that you paid for this amazing phone.

The new snapdragon 805 quad-core processor within the Nexus 6 runs at 2.7GHz with an Adreno 420 GPU. For any Android smartphone these are the best CPU and GPU you’ll ever get on the market. As the java based Android OS has the need of higher RAM for the garbage collection, Google Nexus is packed with 3GB RAM which is enough for running any resource hungry apps designed for android. Sadly there is no memory card slot for increasing the memory to your need. But you can get your Nexus 6 at two different internal storage size of 32GB and 64GB. The new hardware runs the pre-installed Lollipop smoothly. The power button and the volume button has been lowered for this device as the device is really large for one handed use. But it is still much easier to press the side button.

Body of Nexus 6


There is a 13Mega pixel camera with Optical Image Stabilization with wider aperture if f/2.0. The camera can capture images at 4128 x 3096 pixels and record videos of 2160 pixels at 30fps. There is also a secondary camera of 2Mega pixels. Although the New Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has a better camera of 16Mega pixels but the 13MP provided with the Nexus 6 is also capable of taking great pictures at 4k resolution. The Nexus 6 uses Google camera app for the camera.


The Nexus 6 has a non-removable Lithium-ion battery with a massive capacity of 3220 mAh, which is much better than the iPhone 6 plus and Galaxy Notenexus-6-turbo-charger-900-100 4. The most interesting feature of this battery is the turbo charger. According to Google the special charger can add 6 hours of battery in just 15 minutes and this whole massive battery can be charged only within 1 hour and 20 minutes. The Nexus 6 also support the Qi wireless charging standard for inductive charging.

The Nexus 6 display and the new position of the dual speaker is perfect for watching video. As there are one speaker at each side ofnexus-6-review-8 the phone, watching video with stereo sound quality won’t be a problem anymore. The 5.96 inches display is great for browsing internet, as well as for watching movies on your smartphone. The front facing dual speaker is definitely something that is not available on other devices like Apple or Samsung.

The pre-installed new Android 5.0 Lollipop is most exciting thing about Nexus 6. It seems like Google has decided to add animation within everything of this OS. The powerful hardware and big display of Nexus 6 makes it even better. All the animations shows in good FPS and matches seamlessly with this device. Google has packed their new Android 5.0 with a lot of new features. Changing most of the setting is now a lot easier by using the quick setting feature. The menus and the multi-tasking interface is changed a lot.


Other features:
One of the new feature that Google has added is the smart lock system. You don’t need to type your unlock code if your Nexus 6 finds a trusty Bluetooth device nearby. And there is more. When you are at the unlock screen, the Nexus look at your face and if it recognizes your face, it skips the unlocambient-display-nexus-6k screen, which is a really cool feature in our view. The Nexus 6 also has the ambient display feature. That means you can see notifications without pressing the power button. The phone shows notification whenever you move your Nexus 6. Another interesting feature is the Google voice recognition even when the phone is turned off. Just saying “Ok Google” makes the device ready for questions.

Pros and Cons:
The Nexus 6 is great device for those seeking a good looking smartphone that has big attractive display. If you are not comfortable with big screen smartphone then Nexus 6 is not for you. The turbo and Qi charging is a great feature that Google has added to Nexus 6 and with this the 13Mega pixel camera is going to be a huge plus point for Nexus 6. The huge battery capacity is another thing that you’ll love.

As we said before, this is supersized device. Even though it feels great holding in your hand but this is definitely not a phone that you can use using one hand. One handing typing is impossiblenexus-66, there is no active display and it’ll never fit into your shirt pocket! And above all, you’ll have to pay a lot for this device. But $649 is not much if you want to use the most updated pure Android installed on a great device. After all, this is not just a smartphone, this is your most beautiful internet device that fits into your pockets (not of you shirts)!

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